Where to sell USDT with bank transfer


USDT and several other stablecoins have become increasingly popular in Nigeria, as more
people learn about their numerous uses and potentials. USDT is a stablecoin and hence is
protected from the volatility that other cryptocurrencies experience. Nigerians have taken to
storing their funds in USDT to beat the high inflation in the country. Some crypto traders also
store some of their funds in USDT to easily swap it for other cryptocurrencies on other platforms that don’t accept Naira.

However, many people recognise these benefits, and challenges come with finding a secure
platform to easily buy USDT. In fact, several people have found it confusing and downright
difficult to use payment options like Venmo, Paypal, gift cards to buy USDT. It can even be
more challenging to find someone that accepts these payment methods.

However, with Yellow Card, you can easily buy USDT directly from your mobile phone with a
bank transfer. Yellow Card is a Pan-African crypto exchange driven to provide financial
inclusion for all. As such, Yellow Card is dedicated to ensuring Nigerians can easily benefit from
cryptocurrencies by making it easier to buy and sell bitcoin.

With Yellow Card, you can buy, sell and hold USDT securely and at the best prices. You also
have access to a customer service program that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to
assist you with the process. You can also receive and send USDT from external wallets at no
extra cost.

How to buy USDT with Bank Transfer on Yellow Card

To buy USDT on Yellow Card, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign up for a Yellow Card account and verify your details
Signing up for a Yellow Card account is free and fast. All you have to do is provide your
information on the official Yellow Card website at web.yellowcard.io on your device.
The Yellow Card app is also available on the App Store for iOS devices and Play Store
for Android.

2. Fund your wallet with Naira

– Click on the deposit button and Select the Payment method “Peer to peer.”

– Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the deposit

– You will be matched with a merchant to complete your deposit.

3. Buy USDT
Once your account has been funded, you can purchase bitcoin instantly. Select the “Buy
USDT” option in your bitcoin wallet and input the amount of USDT you want to buy on
the buy screen.

How to Sell USDT and Withdraw Naira directly to your bank account on Yellow Card

The funds in the wallet are yours and yours alone, and you can sell or withdraw your funds at
any time of your choosing. To sell USDT from your wallet at the best possible rate, all you have
to do is,

  1. Sign in to your Yellow Card account
    2. From your dashboard, select “ USDT,” your USDT holdings will be displayed.
    3. Click on “Trade” and select “Sell USDT for cash.”
    4. Indicate how much USDT you would like to sell and click “continue.”
    5. Confirm the transaction

You have successfully sold your USDT to Yellow Card. The amount would instantly reflect in
your Naira wallet. You can then proceed to withdraw your funds directly to your bank account:

  1. Tap “Withdraw” and enter the amount you would like to withdraw
    2. Click on “continue.” and select the bank you would like to send your money to.
    3. Enter your transaction pin and click “find a match.”

The funds will reflect in your bank account immediately after the transaction is confirmed.

With Yellow Card, you can easily buy USDT with a simple bank transfer in just a few steps.
Yellow Card is dedicated to ensuring that Nigerians can buy USDT easily and securely from
their mobile devices. You can also exchange USDT directly for bitcoin on your Yellow Card
wallet. You also enjoy the opportunity to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other
financial-related topics on the learning platform, Yellow Card Academy, absolutely free.

Trade USDT on Yellow Card

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