Want to speak the Nigerian tech lingo? Here are 50 terms you must understand

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What does airdrop mean? If you guessed that feature on Apple devices that allows you to share items with other Apple devices, you are right. But in the context of social media, you might lose out on a giveaway.

Being on the internet in 2022 can be very daunting, especially when you don’t know the right words or what the words mean in the context of use. Sometimes, a popular word that one might regularly use could mean an entirely different thing on Twitter or on ClubHouse.

How then does one engage with the conversations in Nigerian cyberspace?

We’ve put together a list of useful words to help you get started.

Airdrop (v) — A giveaway, typically used in regards to NFTs or Ethereum. “We are airdropping 10 NFTs on Friday evening.”

Ally (n) — A person who supports a movement that doesn’t benefit them directly. “I am an ally of the feminist movement.”

Alpha female (n) — A woman who supports feminist ideals in a debate about gender roles. Typically used in a sarcastic way, “Kemi identifies as a so-called alpha female.”

Alpha male (n) —  A man who constantly opposes feminist ideals in a debate about gender roles. “Alpha males are the worst kind.”

Apparatus (n) — Typically used in reference to traditions one doesn’t like. “The apparatus of the colonial masters is why Africa is underdeveloped.”

Atheist (n) — A person who spends valuable time on the internet trying to prove to Christians that God doesn’t exist. “I didn’t know that Sola was one of these Twitter atheists.

How does one navigate trends on the internet with the constantly changing trends? Photo source: iStock

Block (v) — When one denies someone else access to them on the internet. “Tola blocked me a long time ago.”

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Cancel (v) — When the majority of people in a debate disagree with one’s view. “I was cancelled for saying this same thing.”

Cancel Culture (n) — The process by which an influential person is deemed persona non-grata for an action typically deemed morally bad by the majority. “Cancel culture is bad for society.”

Catfish (n) — A person who builds a life on social media with another person’s picture. “Sade is a catfish.

Centre (v) — One of many safewords to stop people who disagree with one from speaking. “Men, don’t come on stage and centre yourselves.”

Clapback (v) — a rebuttal that is supposed to put one in one’s space. Tunde will always clapback at you.

Daily 2k (n) — Money earned for doing a job no mother how much, typically salary. “I am looking for my daily 2k.”

Deconstruct (v) — A debate typically about socio-political issues. “Let’s deconstruct American imperialism.”

Deplatform (v) — When people bring down the status of an influential figure. “I was platformed for my controversial views.”

Dox (v) — When someone reveals the real government name behind a pseudo-anonymous social media account. “Posting my name on Twitter is tantamount to doing.”

Feminine energy (n) — A woman who advocates for men to be the sole providers in relationships. “What I bring to the table is my feminine energy.”

Free speech (n) — Typically used to push back at people in debates who insist only people that agree with them can speak in a debate. “I have free speech.”

Gatekeeping (v) — The act of saying a particular group of people don’t belong to a group. “You’re gatekeeping womanhood.”

Gulag (n) — 1. The audience part of a ClubHouse room or Twitter Space. “I listened to the conversation in the gulag.” (v) — 2. The process by which a speaker is removed from the stage back to the audience, usually without their permission. “Who gulagged me?”

Husband material (adj) — Used to describe a man that has all the qualities one would like in a spouse. “David is not even husband material.”

Identify (v) — The process of insisting to be a thing. “I identify as a feminist.”

Imperialism (n) — Used in reference to more powerful countries that historically have dominated the world. “American imperialism is the real cause of the Middle East crisis.”

In the matrix (n) — When one cannot be hard usually because of a poor connection on call. “You’re in the matrix Tunde.”

Mark of the damned (n) — A black stamp that appears on one’s ClubHouse profile if more than five mutual followers of another user block them. “Of course, he has the mark of the damned.”

Men that have sense (np) — A man who is quick to give women whatever they want, typically material things, but doesn’t pressure her for sex. “I am only interested in men that have sense.”

Metaverse (n) — The virtual world, especially web3 and blockchain. “There is so much going on in the metaverse right now.”

Objective (n) — A viewpoint acceptable in one’s echo chamber but meets great resistance from an opposing side. “Feminism is good for society is an objective statement.”

Obtuse (adj) — One of many ineffectual safe words used in a debate to express anger, and demand the other person stop speaking. “You’re being obtuse right now.”

Oppression (n) — Anything that doesn’t make one as rich or accepted in society as one might think one should be. “Capitalism is oppression like no other.”

Patriarchy princess (n) — A woman who is in favour of patriarchy in a debate about gender roles. “Patriarchy princesses are a menace to society.”

Pick me (n) — Typically used to describe women who argue in favour of patriarchy consistently. “Kemi is a pick me.”

Plantation (n) — A workplace, mostly an office; typically used by Nigerians in the diaspora or who have foreign bosses. “I am going to the plantation.”

Problematic person (n) — A person who consistently holds dissenting views in an echo chamber. “Tunde is a very problematic person.”

Purity culture (n) — Any religious or cultural doctrine that prescribes abstinence. “Purity culture is bad for women.”

Shoot your shot (v) — The process of actively looking for romantic relationships. “You can’t just shoot your shot like that.”

Simp (n) — Typically a man who argues for feminist ideals in a debate about gender roles. “David is a known simp.”

Scum (n) — A promiscuous person that hates being honest about being with multiple partners, usually a male.

The range (n) — The length and breadth of a debate. “I honestly don’t have the range for that conversation.”

Triggered (v) — A state by which one chooses to remain in a space one say isn’t mentally healthy for them but won’t leave the space. “That thread was very triggering for me.”

Violence (n) — A heated debate on social media that includes clap backs. “I gave them the violence in the Alpha Male room.” (n) — 2. The act of disagreeing with someone who has believe they have the moral high ground. “You are perpetuating violence against marginalised people.”

Virtue signalling (v) — When people rush to the internet to say something they don’t necessarily believe in or understand, but are scared they will be bullied if they don’t. “That Tola post was nothing but virtue signalling.”

Wife material (n) — A woman who disagrees with mainstream feminist ideas and tends to argue in favour of patriarchy in debates about gender roles. “I am only interested in women who are wife material.”

Woke (adj) — People who believe they are the enlightened ones in debates about social injustices. “Tunde is so woke.”

Women at the wall (np) — Women in their 30s. “Women at the wall can’t find good men.”

Now that this is out of the way, you can begin a free flow engagement of conversations and debates in the Nigerian cyberspace. See the words above as a useful handbook of Nigerian tech lingo.

It’s 50, but it’s non-exhaustive. Add yours in the comments.

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