“Digital Customer Experience can be an enabler of growth for Startups” – Collins Iheagwara, of Simpu on leveraging technology for improved customer delivery

Godfrey Elimian
Simpu is an omnichannel customer communication management software that empowers teams to deliver quality, fast, self-serve experience across any channel…
How Simpu is redefining digital customer's experience
How Simpu is redefining digital customer experience

Simpu‘s CEO, Collins Iheagwara was featured as a speaker in one of the panel sessions on the topic “Digital Customer Experience As A Lever Of Growth.” during the Lagos Startups Week event which was held in Lagos this week.

The event presented a platform for key players in the digital space to discuss and showcase ideas and products that have the potential to transform the whole business-customer relationship into a seamless, fast and reliable customer service delivery culture that puts the industry on a path to growth in the long term.

Speaking during the panel session, Collins opined that these interactions when managed very well and with the right tools have the potential to contribute significantly to startups’ bottom line.

Panel session at Lagos Startup Week

Exploring this position further with his co-panellist, Renah Osiemi, explained that using the right tools or software plays an integral part in delivering a great customer experience.

Excerpts from the panel session:

What is digital customer experience?

Digital customer experience refers to how brands manage interactions with their customers who interact with them via various digital channels which may include social media chats, websites, emails and others.

Why Mobile Messaging-first world businesses must have the right tools

Current trends of how customers interact with brands show that it is a mobile messaging-first world. According to a report by the Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report, 9 out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to communicate with brands and less than half of global businesses have the infrastructure in place to fulfil this customer demand.

“Customer experience is no doubt an important lever of growth for startups. When customers are happy, it impacts revenue positively. However, a slippery slope I have seen startups fall into is wanting to deliver great experience without the right tools to enable them.

 Collins Iheagwara, CEO Simpu

“A company juggling multiple apps at the same time to keep up with customers is bound to deliver a fragmented experience. We have seen these unpleasant instances of dissatisfaction across social media – people calling brands out for various reasons”, he added

Digital tools play a critical role in enhancing customer experience

One of the major highlights is that to deliver a great customer experience, it is important that brands look to the right platforms and tools that meet the current needs of their customers. Customers want their issues resolved fast and on their chosen channel.

They also want to be able to access helpful information on their own without speaking with an agent. These interactions happen on digital platforms, hence, the right digital tool to manage customer interactions must be omnichannel, self-serve, and Bot /AI-ready.

You can access all interaction apps through Simpu
You can access all interaction apps through Simpu

According to Collins, the future of customer experience is one where both customers and businesses are both empowered to resolve issues, and access information fast and across all channels.

“This is why we have built Simpu, an omnichannel customer communication management software that empowers teams to deliver quality, fast, self-serve experience across any channel with automated workflows, integrations, and more all in one place.”

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Simpu recently launched to the public on the 29th of June 2022 on Product Hunt, going on to become the 4th product of the day globally and amassing over 8000 hits to its infrastructure in the weeks that followed.

Simpu offers an all-in-one digitalised communication platform
Simpu’s features

What other customer experience teams do on Simpu?

Deliver fast, self-serve experience with Chatbot

For those times when teams are unavailable, Simpu makes it easy for teams to keep customers engaged with its no-code, easy-to-customise chatbot.  According to the Marketing Manager of Simpu, Oladiipo Oladiipo, just with a drag and drop flow, customer experience teams can easily customise the Simpu chatbot to suit their peculiar business needs – from answering FAQs, routing visitors to the right teams, to collecting leads. 

Automate workflow with no-code rules

Another feature of the Simpu App is an automated conversation feature which helps a customer and businesses take full control of their operations with rules. The automated workflow helps teams assign conversations, and schedule meetings easily with pre-set if-this-then-that triggers.

The startup strives to provide businesses with a simpler, more effective, and dependable way to engage with their customers. By giving small and large businesses well-tailored and dependable customer care and sales experience.

In terms of privacy protection, the company argues to be the first of its sort to be certified for being conscious and safe, particularly in terms of data protection. They also boast to have SOC 2, Type, and GDPR Privacy Shield Certification

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