With these add-on tools, you can now easily schedule meetings using Gmail

These add-ons are browser extensions that you may not be aware of but will most likely install after reading this article…
Add on tools to help schedule meetings on Gmail
Add on tools to help schedule meetings on Gmail

Among the many features Google incorporates into Gmail these days, one that has long been lacking is a simple and effective way to interact with your calendar from your inbox.

Although we’ve all found a way around this problem thanks to scheduling tools like Calendly, it still doesn’t allow you to interact with your calendar directly from an email message. But don’t worry: while Google has been overlooking the calendar in favour of cramming Google Meet down our throats, other companies have stepped up to fill the void.

Today, we’ll look at some of the best Gmail add-ons, — in particular new Gmail-integrated Calendar scheduling systems that streamline work and scheduling.

These add-ons are browser extensions that you may not be aware of but will most likely install after reading this article.

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Gmail Meeting Scheduling Tools

Gmail Meeting Scheduler by CloudHQ

With this extension, you can schedule meetings without exchanging emails back and forth. But wait, there’s more. Some of its distinguishing features include:

  • The extension on Gmail is fully integrated with Google Calendar. Individuals do not have to fill in double entries of the same meeting because of the synced nature with Google calendar.
  • With this, there are no scheduling phone tags because people can see the precise dates and times when they receive the first email.
  • Based on the recipient’s precise availability, the meeting’s type, and their time zone, people can send customised invitations.
  • Through the invitation, you can also find out who will be present at the meeting; recipients do not need to send a follow-up message.
  • The tool also supports multiple calendars and you can edit existing meetings.

How it works

The extension is installed on a browser—preferably Chrome—and integrates with your Gmail account automatically after that. You are given a meeting parameter by the feature. The add-on icon can be found in the upper left corner of your Gmail homepage on your screen.

You can access your CloudHQ dashboard through the icon to view all of your meeting histories. Additionally, it is accessible from a calendar icon in the bottom toolbar when writing a new email.

Gmail Meeting Scheduler by CloudHQ

This is how scheduling a meeting looks like

The recipient then receives an email with a link after this is completed. The sender can preview the meeting invite to see how the recipient will see it and follow up on the meeting to find out when it has been confirmed without the recipient knowing.

When the recipient clicks the link, it takes them to the full agenda for the scheduled meeting. After they select a time and date that works for them, the meeting is confirmed, and the sender is notified via email. Both parties have the option of changing the meeting’s details. The recipient may also cancel the meeting.

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Boomerang for Gmail

This has long been a classic Gmail tool, and some of its incredible features include;

  • You can set a future time for emails.
  • You can also configure a notification to remind you to follow up on unanswered emails.
  • Additionally, you can send recipients a live view mail to let them know when you are available and unavailable.
  • You can delay receiving new emails until you are ready to read them, and you can ask for a read receipt so that you know when a link has been clicked.
  • Respondable, an AI tool, is used in the add-on to create better emails.

How it works

The extension is integrated automatically into your Gmail. The tool is much simpler to use than CloudHQ. One of the reasons is that after the installation, there is a tutorial session where it explains all of its features on the Gmail home page, what they do and where you can find them.

Once the Boomerang extension is installed, any email you are writing on the Gmail website will have a new calendar icon at the bottom. When you click that icon, two quick-scheduling options appear: the first lets you suggest your own unique set of appointment options, and the second lets you share your available times based on events in any of your Google Calendar calendars:

Boomerang tool on Gmail

When you’re finished, Boomerang will automatically fill out your email for you, including a system for selecting an interactive appointment. All that’s left to do is send the message after you’ve finished editing or adding to its text. The recipient will affirm. 

You’ll receive a confirmation in your inbox, and the recipient will also receive an invite to add the event to their calendar, too.

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