Missed the Aptos airdrop? Here are 3 upcoming project airdrops you can make money from this week

Temitope Akintade
Here is a list of project airdrops you can position yourself to win this week…

The crypto space was thrown into a state of frenzy last week when the Aptos Foundation airdropped 20,076,150 APT Tokens to 110,235 participants that met specific criteria, netting many community members between $1,500 to $7,000.

The crypto community is now divided into two sections: the rich kids that made cool, free money from the Aptos airdrop and the poor/unlucky kids – those that didn’t get any reward despite the fact that they interacted with the testnet. 

But the beauty of crypto and other forms of blockchain technology is that the opportunities are endless. Because you missed out on Aptos airdrop does not mean another airdrop opportunity would not come. 

Since Airdrops have been frequently used to create buzz around a new crypto project, users qualify to receive free crypto coins or tokens for doing specific tasks designed to bring greater awareness to a particular project.

Now, there are now other networks rolling out airdrops in the coming weeks and months that could prove far more lucrative. Here is a list of project airdrops you can position yourself to win this week and all you need to do to be eligible for them.

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1. SUI Airdrop 

The SUI blockchain is one of the most hyped projects in the crypto space currently along with Aptos.

Like Aptos, SUI was founded by former Meta employees who are developing a highly scalable layer 1 blockchain based on Diem’s MOVE programming language and proof of stake.

Although SUI already closed the acceptance of new validators in the incentivized testnet at the end of August, there is still a chance for an airdrop, as SUI would be interested in bringing liquidity to the network.

Since there is no information yet, it is advisable to follow the project on Medium, Twitter and Discord and be on the lookout for projects like DEXs on SUI.

Also, Users can download the SUI wallet Google Chrome extension and fill it with SUI testnet tokens. The testnet tokens are available through SUI’s Discord server or from an SUI faucet on its NFT Marketplace.

Check this Twitter thread for a step-by-step process.

2. ZetaChain airdrop 

ZetaChain is a layer-1 blockchain created using the Cosmos SDK which launched its testnet on August 10.

The goal of ZetaChain is to be an omnichain dApp that supports multiple networks, including Layer-1 blockchains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain as well as layer-2 solutions such as Polygon and Optimism.

To qualify for a potential airdrop, Testnet users can earn ZETA points by swapping assets, inviting new members, and reporting issues.

You can check how many ZETA points users can earn with each task below:

To get started on the testnet, the first step is to create a wallet and request tokens via a faucet. The swap of assets can now start after the confirmation of the wallet. The ETH Goerli testnet, Polygon Mumbai and BSC testnet are being used for the current beta test. 

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2. zkSync airdrop 

Another airdrop option to make a few bucks from could be zkSync. The best bet for the airdrop is to interact with zkSync dApps on the testnet.

But, before users can do this, they need to add an RPC configuration. The easiest way to do this is at chain list where a wallet connection to the testnet is configured. 

There are numerous examples for interacting with the zkSync testnet and its dApps but they have been compiled by a Twitter user in this thread. Check it out. 

Good luck!

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