3 Metaverse games that can earn you crypto rewards this month 

Temitope Akintade
Metaverse games list

Gaming has become more than a source of entertainment and gamers can now earn additional income through their activities. The Metaverse and other technological innovations such as blockchain technology and NFT has provided another means to help people earn rewards for playing games.

The Metaverse blends the virtual world, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality, NFTs, and blockchain. Metaverse games allow millions of players to interact with each other in a 3D virtual world. Gamers can perform other tasks like digitally conducting conferences, performances, or events while playing.

A fair share of Metaverse games also rewards players with cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other valuable digital items. Most of these games extensively use NFTs and participants own virtual items such as real estate, weapons, cars, etc. 

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Considering the current downtrend in the crypto market, it is time for investors to start exploring alternative ways to earn more rewards from blockchain technology. 

In this article, Technext has curated a list of 3 metaverse games to earn money from this month. Let’s get to it. 

Farmers World 

Farmers World is an NFT game that runs on the WAX blockchain. Anyone can participate in the game and become a part of the Farmer’s ecosystem by registering and owning a WAX wallet. Players must equip the wallet with essential tools like Wood (FWW), Food (FWF), and Gold (FWG) while playing to earn in-game tokens. 

Ways to earn rewards on Farmer’s World include mining resources – have Wood, Food, or mine Gold to be sold in the marketplace. You can also swap the resources you hold with for other resources in the game – for instance, Wood for Gold – using the Exchange option,

Also, you can sell farm animals and food in the secondary marketplace for a profit. There are cows, chickens, bulls, corn, barley, and more. Resources from animals are also exchangeable, such as Milk for Barley.


The Sandbox is one of the most popular Metaverse games that reward players for playing. In the Sandbox, the main motto is creating a unique item to help you fetch money. So, the first step is to be creative to earn rewards on the platform. 

If you are interested in art, as a creator or a collector, or if you are more into game design, you can create games and sell them to earn some $SAND. Besides, if you own a patch of LAND, you can easily make money. As more and more players invest in the game, the LAND rate goes up and can turn into a profit.

The Sandbox, Metaverse games

The gaming platform also allows users to rent out their LAND to either game designers or others who do not have their LAND. One can also earn $SAND by participating in competitions.

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Splinterlands is one of the top Metaverse games available in the market and is built on the Hive blockchain. Players can convert some of their Splinterlands cards into ERC-721 tokens, which can be traded on NFT marketplaces. 

Players can earn money in Splinterlands through tournaments, receiving gifts, card flipping and burning. If you’re playing in the ranked mode, you can earn $DEC (the native currency of Splinterlands) rewards every time you win a battle.

Splinterlands, Metaverse games

Also, you can earn gifts by completing daily quests and earn season rewards every 15 days when a season ends. Buying, selling, and then renting packs & cards can also help you earn rewards in this game. Lastly, to get DEC rewards, you can also burn cards – burning a card means it has ceased to exist.


This list of metaverse games that can earn you crypto rewards doesn’t end here. That’s because there are many other metaverse games that can help you add additional income to your wallet. 

It is important to position yourself strategically because one sure thing is that metaverse is here to stay, and the online gaming market will continue to boom in the upcoming years.

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