How to check your name on INEC Voters Register online ahead of 2023 elections

Tomiwo Ojo
INEC online

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is preparing to conduct the 2023 elections in February next year. Nigerians are eager to vote for their preferred candidates into national political offices. 

According to the commission’s chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, over 93.5 million Nigerians registered successfully and are eligible to participate in the 2023 elections as voters.

Following Sections 9(6) & 19(1) of the Electoral Act, the electoral commission has begun publicly displaying the preliminary register of eligible voters in the upcoming 2023 elections.

The nationwide verification exercise will happen from Saturday, 12th November, to Friday, 18th November 2022 and will be coordinated by selected officials.

INEC has disclosed how prospective voters check and verify their registration status ahead of the elections, which take place in a few months’ time. 

While the electoral commission ensures that the elections run smoothly and voters can participate safely and easily, Nigerians are responsible for doing their part to prepare for electoral participation.

Hence, it has become pertinent for registered voters to ensure their names and other personal details are recorded correctly on the INEC’s portal after completing the rigorous registration processes. Nigerians can also make objections if they see ineligible voters on the list.

There are 3 ways any prospective voter can check their name on the voter register, and Technext has detailed them below.

INEC published list

The electoral commission has published voters’ lists in its offices across Nigeria. As a prospective voter who has completed the registration process, you are expected to go to the nearest INEC office in your state of registration.

INEC registered voters; 

Registered voters checking the list

The names of eligible voters are published in the offices, and you can check if your name is on the list. All registered voters in the country (from 2011 to date) can find their names on the lists.

Sending SMS to INEC phone number

Another means to check your details on the voters’ list is by sending a text message to the INEC number –08171646879.

Type your state (space), last name (space), and last five digits of your VIN.

For instance: Lagos (space) Ayomide (space) 12345.

Visit the INEC website.

The easiest way to check your information on the Voters list as a registered voter is by accessing the database through the INEC website.

The official website has all the needed information about the prospective voters, and they can access such. There are two options to check your voters status on the website,

  • checking with your name and date of birth
  • voter’s identification number (VIN).

The website is:

How to check your status on the INEC website

  • Visit the website on a mobile or desktop browser, 
Homepage of INEC website
  • To check with your date of birth, simply enter the state you registered, your first name, surname, and date of birth in the space provided. 
  • Check the capture box to confirm that you are not a robot.
  • Click check status
  • Your status will be displayed. 

During our review of the platform, Technext discovered that there is a chance that this method may not be very seamless. You will likely encounter an error message because many other Nigerians may have names, dates of birth, and registration states in common.

Multiple Results Error

The Error message reads thus:

Multiple Results Error

We found more voters in the database with a VIN similar to yours. Please enter your complete VIN and click on ‘Check Status’ again.

If you would like to talk to someone, you can reach the Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC) on 0700-2255-4632

Luckily, checking your status using the Voter’s Identification Number is more efficient. Hence it is advised that you use your VIN to check your status.

How to check INEC registration with VIN 

  • From the homepage, select check status using VIN. 
  • Enter your state of registration and your last name, and enter the complete voter’s identification number or the last 5 digits.
  • Check the security box to confirm that you are not a robot.
  • Your status will be displayed.

If you have any difficulties or encounter issues during the process, you can reach out to INEC officials through the phone numbers provided on the website.

For help, please call

  • 0700-CALL-INEC
  • 0700-2255-4632

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