These 5 skills will be in demand in the blockchain ecosystem in 2023

Temitope Akintade

Although trading and investing in cryptocurrencies was the prominent focus of most blockchain enthusiasts, evolution in recent years has shown other ways that can make them earn much more in the blockchain universe. One of them is having in-demand blockchain skills. 

Blockchain technology continues to be one of the liberating tools of the 21st century. A report last year revealed a massive increase in the number of people who have found employment with companies building with the burgeoning technology.  According to the report conducted by professional networking platforms -LinkedIn and crypto exchange OKX- the number of individuals working in the blockchain industry increased by 76% year-on-year as of June 2022.

Even with that, there’s still a gap between the demand and supply of skilled workers who can build Web3 technology. Companies operating in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, metaverse, VR, and AR spaces are seeking skilled professionals. Given the growing interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, there will be a continued increase in the number of people who will find employment in this emerging technology sector this year.

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For those wanting to build a career in the blockchain ecosystem, here are five lucrative skills in demand in 2023. 

Blockchain Engineering

A blockchain engineer is capable of designing, developing, analysing, implementing, and maintaining a distributed blockchain network. The potential for innovation and development in the blockchain sector going into 2023 is enormous. There can’t be a better moment to build the skills required to become a blockchain engineer since the technology is still new.

Tech Career in Blockchain Engineering and skills
Career in Blockchain Engineering. Photo Credit: Blog IADB

To become a blockchain engineer, you must learn the fundamentals of networking, programming, data structures, and computer science. You can pursue professional blockchain courses or certifications, which can lead to excellent career prospects worldwide. Blockchain Engineer salaries are steadily rising, and there are projections that Blockchain Engineers will become the highest-paid engineers soon.

Blockchain Architecture 

A blockchain architect understands how the system works and how to envision a system while avoiding risks. He/she designs blockchain solutions and specifies infrastructure and security needs. He/she translates business requirements into technical specifications and establishes the performance metrics for the solution.

Blockchain architecture is one of the most lucrative skills in 2023. As many enterprises are looking into blockchain technology, they are also hiring qualified personnel to help them develop innovative solutions. As a result, there’s a high demand for blockchain experts globally. 

There are specific skills that you would need to become a blockchain architect. Get thorough knowledge about blockchain fundamentals, acquire leadership skills, enrol in a Blockchain Certification Program, and deeply understand different blockchain platforms. 

There’s a high demand for blockchain architects because only a handful of people can pull off a blockchain solution design. 

Project Management 

Since the global blockchain adaptation is in progress, one of the lucrative job opportunities it has created is Blockchain project management. A blockchain project manager bridges the gap between clients’ expectations and developers’ creation. Basically, they manage the complete workings of a blockchain project under their expertise and supervision. They ensure each step of the project is aligned with the expected product output. 

The project manager is responsible for inspecting and managing the blockchain project’s ecosystem. They are also entitled to keep the team synchronised and integrated. Some requirements to become a blockchain project manager include skill certifications in blockchain-related courses and strong conceptual/practical knowledge of blockchain implementation. 

Blockchain project management is a lucrative career in the industry, and it will continue to be in demand in 2023. 

UX Development 

A blockchain UX designer focuses on developing unique, simple, and user-friendly interfaces that keep clients engaged. They are show their technical knowledge about blockchain technology in a creative manner.

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Going into 2023, Blockchain is at a point where it needs the trust points of users, increased accessibility, and broader adoption. In this connection, UX designers are needed to design experiences for users in an unfamiliar place with familiar features to improve the use of those products. With the increasing interest and babble, there has been an incline in demand for UX experts.

To get started in this career, UX designers must be highly technical and thoroughly understand blockchain technology. 

Metaverse development 

The Metaverse is billed to be the future of the internet, and the sector is expected to stabilise and mature in 2023. Becoming a Metaverse developer in 2023 will provide tremendous benefits. As a Metaverse developer, one needs to have the skills to create a digital and immersive world that the users can communicate with. 

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Developers need to build such applications and games which could interact with the users with the help of VI, AR, and AI technology skills. A Metaverse Developer would also help find new ways for devices to interact with the users apart from voice and touch. 

Since the possibilities in the virtual Metaverse world are unlimited, there is a lot that a metaverse developer can do. They can also create new environments in the Metaverse world based on different activities. 

The Metaverse is still in the early stages, and learning it may be much more helpful. More and more firms are actively focusing on developing their Metaverse ecosystems or products, indicating a growing demand for Metaverse developers. It’s the ideal moment to acquire the skills required to learn Metaverse development. 

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