5 African tech events you do not want to miss in March

Godfrey Elimian
#SMWLagos, Africa Fintech Summit: Here are the top 5 Tech Events Organised in Africa in 2020

Hello there! I hope it isn’t too late to welcome you to March. Well, it is not too late to inform you about the tech events you may want to attend this month.

Every month, we help our readers curate exciting and insightful tech events that will help them stay updated in the space, make valuable contacts and network, have fun and share ideas that have the potential to transform Africa into one of the fastest-growing economies globally.

Thus, we have identified these 5 tech events scheduled to hold in March that we believe you should attend.

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Blockchain Africa Conference

The Blockchain Africa Conference, hosted by Bitcoin Events, returns for its 9th edition as a hybrid event on March 16-17, 2023, at The Galleria, in Johannesburg, South Africa and virtually.

5 tech events to attend in March

The conference, which has attracted over 9000 attendees from 160 countries since its first edition in 2015, is a premier event that showcases the latest in blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation and disruption.

The conference is the perfect place to learn about the latest developments in the DeFi space. There will be plenty of talks about cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Experts will also discuss how blockchain can revolutionise other industries in Africa, such as gaming and farming.

The themes of the conference have evolved over the years, starting with “Beyond the Hype”, “From Hype to Mainstream”, and now “Ready for Business”.

This year’s conference will focus on the application of blockchain technology across public and private sectors by global business leaders, organisations, and innovators, leaving hype and speculation behind.

See event details below:

  • Date: March 16-17, 2023
  • Venue: The Galleria, in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Register to attend the event here.

Tech Unite

Tech Unite Africa is a conference, expo, and networking event for the African tech sector. It is a nexus of IT businesses and the business community looking for the newest technological breakthrough to improve business performance and spur growth.

5 tech events to attend in March

The two days conference and seminar sessions will allow tech enthusiasts to meet and explore ideas. The event is also a great platform for Tech and allied industries to recruit new customers/clientele.

The event will also feature many speakers – veterans and trailblazers in the tech sector who will provide mentor-ship for upcoming tech start-ups. It is also an undeniable platform for trade exchange and new customer acquisition as it is the gathering of decision-makers.

See event details below:

  • Date: 29th-30th of March 2023
  • Venue: Muson Convention Center, Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria
  • Register to attend the event here.

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Women in Tech -Embracing Equity

In honour of International Women’s Day in March, our “Tech Jewel” community will hold a live event for more than 200 women from a range of industries (Health, Technology, Finance, and Education), with a theme centred around: “Women in Tech: Embracing Equality.”

This conference will unite outstanding female leaders and innovators, with core activities emphasizing the solutions and achievements attained by women and providing forums for open discussion, panel discussions, fireside chats, and keynote speeches.

See event details below:

  • Date: Sat, Mar 18, 2023
  • Time: 10:00 AM WAT
  • Venue: The Bulb 39 Ikorodu Road Jibowu Lagos, Lagos 23401
  • Register to attend the event here.

ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator Demo Day

The ARM Labs Lagos Techstars’ Accelerator is a Lagos-based program focused on building early-stage African startups.

Meet the 10 Nigerian startups selected for the ARM Labs Techstars Accelerator Program
Meet the 10 Nigerian startups selected for the ARM Labs Techstars Accelerator Program

The program, which began December 5th, 2022, is organizing the event to celebrate the progress the companies selected have made throughout the 13-week accelerator program. The accelerator program recently announced its 2023 inaugural class.

Now, the program is having a demo day for the 12 startups to showcase and pitch their products to prospective investors. The event will start with a program introduction and welcome, followed by each organization’s pitch. During the event, there will also be a keynote speaker and a Techstars alumni panel.

The Demo day will end at 4:15 pm but will have a mini celebration with food, drinks and entertainment after. Attendance is strictly by invitation.

See event details below:

  • Date: Thu, March 16, 2023
  • Time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM WAT
  • Venue: Landmark Centre Water Corporation Drive #Plot 2 & 3 Annex, LA 106104
  • Attendance is by invitation only, but you can reserve a spot by clicking on this link.

Nigeria Cybersecurity Summit

With the digital economy of Africa predicted to add $180 billion to the continent’s overall economy by 2025, increasing to $712 billion by 205, there is no doubt that tackling cybercrime is even more needed at this point. This is because cybercrimes are rapidly increasing, threatening economies and individual safety.

The Nigeria Cybersecurity Summit 2023 theme: “Building a Secure Digital Future”, will host CISOs from leading enterprises, cybersecurity experts and elite ethical hackers from the region to discuss all aspects of Infosec and the threats faced in the evolving landscape of the cyber world.

The cybersecurity industry now faces a completely new terrain of challenges to conquer and adapt to as the norm shifts to the digital front. The Africa Cybersecurity Program is intended to impact the region and promote growth; however, this can only be accomplished by ensuring that the discussion’s main point is putting solutions into practice.

The series will focus on Leadership & Upskilling, Enterprise Security, Biometrics & Identity, Risk Mitigation and Threat Intelligence for the organizations in the region. Participants will have the opportunity to hear global leaders of Cybersecurity speak about the best strategies for a secure digital future.

See event details below:

  • Date: 16 – 17 Mar 2023
  • Time: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM (Business)
  • Venue: Eko Hotels & Suites, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Register to attend the event here.

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