How Intelics Solutions powers business transformation in Nigeria with “phygital” solutions

Introducing Intelics Cloud Managed Services for SMEs in Nigeria to Boost Data Security & Business Productivity

According to recent reports, 86% of decision-makers anticipate digital transformation to continue accelerating. With the rapid adoption of technology and digitalisation, companies must embrace innovation and shift their product dependence from terrestrial to digital systems.

Established in 2017, Intelics solutions, a subsidiary of Writer Business Services, is a tech company that provides digital information management, Business process management, and Secure Cloud and storage services, amongst other services, to companies in Nigeria.

In an exclusive interview with TechNext, the CEO of Intelics Solution, Satya Mohan Yanambaka, expressed his enthusiasm about the future and growth of the company in Nigeria and Africa. He also explained how Intelics supports the growth of Nigerian businesses with their range of ‘phygital’ solutions like Business Process Management, Automation, ERP, Secure Vault storage services, Content management and more.

In his remarks, Yanambaka says, “We have been successful since we started in 2017. We are very bullish not just about Nigeria, but Africa as a continent and we want to use Nigeria as a base to expand and become a top African tech player. There is a lot of industry activity that is happening in Nigeria. So, we could see a lot of room for us in this type of emerging activity.”

One of the services Intelics Solution offers is the Business Process Automation Service. A Forrester report shows that businesses that adopt BPS experience about 30-50% productivity gains while increasing customer satisfaction by 30%. Companies can streamline daily back office processes using Robotics-powered automation, making them faster and cheaper.

Commenting on the Intelics Business Process Automation service, Yanambaka explained that Intelics have a portfolio of time-tested solutions to facilitate process automation, business process outsourcing, EPP, Cloud & data services, and Content management solutions. One such solution is the end-to-end loan process management system that automates banks’ loan workflows from lead generation to closure. One benefit is that it offers a transaction-based pricing model meaning you only pay for the number of loans processed and can integrate existing systems with less configuration.

Today, business growth depends largely on the ability to collect, process and retrieve data in real time. Yanambaka explained that In the modern world, knowledge is power, and now data is the new gold and biggest source of knowledge. Countries are fighting for data, and tech companies are suing each other. With so many huge sets of data that they have. How do they classify and organise the data? That’s information management. We help you collect, process, store, retrieve and derive profitable insight from your data.

How Intelics Solutions powers business transformation in Nigeria with "phygital" solutions

Commending the enthusiasm of Nigerian businesses towards IT adoption, Yanambaka says,

“Nigeria is currently leading the technology drive in Africa; thanks to our understanding of technology, they can utilise the benefit of that technology to deliver an efficient experience for their customers.”

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However, he pointed out that there’s much work to be done irrespective of the country’s vast appetite for IT services, saying,

“What I’ve noticed in Nigeria is that its IT game is still closed, not yet opened up significantly in terms of adoption of hosting on public cloud infrastructure. There is a long way to go before the cloud storage solution becomes a norm in Nigeria.”

The Xalam Analytics Rise of African cloud report revealed that Africa only accounts for less than 1% of the global public cloud services revenue, and cloud penetration stands at less than 20%. This buttresses Yanambaka’s point that although adopting Cloud-based services by data-intensive companies can increase gross profit by 21%, it still needs to be fully integrated in Nigeria and Africa.

Speaking on why companies should subscribe to Intelic’s range of services, Yanambaka says, “We are all about customer satisfaction, so, we’ve studied the clients’ challenges and partnered with top public cloud storage providers to ensure that we can provide a solution that delivers the client’s desired outcome. Whether you want to migrate to the public cloud or use Intelics private cloud storage systems we have experts to help facilitate seamless migration.”

Also, Yanambaka noted that the restrictions on the repatriation of dollars in the country pose a challenge for foreign investors, adding, “If we have so many restrictions to take out the capital after investing, there will be very little encouragement for companies to come in. That will take us a long way. Your strength is your market. There are so many opportunities for us to come in and expand.”

The global technology landscape is evolving; Africa and Nigeria are included in this growth. While companies in Nigeria might struggle with policy changes, costs, and other issues, we have made significant progress.

How Intelics Solutions powers business transformation in Nigeria with "phygital" solutions

Intelics solutions help businesses in sectors like Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, etc. deliver efficient, productive services with their portfolio of service offerings in Cloud & data storage, Business process management, and digital content management, to mention a few. Their drive is to support the digital transformation charge in Nigeria and Africa toward establishing themselves as leaders in the industry.

What’s next? What will follow, and how will this Technology solutions company achieve these goals? Intelics invites you to partner with them as they continue their growth journey towards leading the digital transformation drive in Nigeria and Africa.

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