Davido’s Timeless unites Wizkid FC and 30BG

Davido's Timeless unites Wizkid FC and 30BG

Hi guys, April is here, and I hope you enjoyed playing the pranks on April fool’s day. Although celebrating Fools’ day has become a bit cliche, you are reading this article for something else; a roundup of all the top gists in the social media world.

The Nigerian social media space is practically shut down anytime one of the ‘Big 3’ Afrobeats artists releases a new project so it is unsurprising that Davido’s fourth studio album dominated the trend chart last week. His fans -30 BG- had always been at loggerheads with the fans of the other two, but there is now More Love and Less Ego between these fans and Wizkid FC.

Other conversations around entertainment, politics, sports, and culture dominated the Nigerian social space last week. As usual, it involved the good, the bad, and the ugly and this article has curated the best of them

Mercy Chinwo fights back

Davido's Timeless unites Wizkid FC and 30BG

Seeing Mercy Chinwo trending on social media last week must have come as a shock to many Nigerians. The gospel artist has always been in the news for mainly positive reasons. Remember how she broke the internet with her engagement pictures and, of course, her wedding?

The gospel musician is suing another musician Obidiz for N2 billion for using her name and picture in secular music audio and video. The song titled Mercy Chinwo was promoted with a picture collage of the musician and American rapper Cardi B. Obidiz mentions her FULL name in the song.

This lawsuit triggered the social media space, with some supporting her petition. Others think she is taking it too far, especially as Cardi B is not suing the upcoming artist. Some people have even ‘accused’ Mercy Chinwo of using the name of Jesus in most of her songs. I still know how this fits into the narrative, but here we are.

What do you guys think?

Davido is back with Timeless

When you hear Shekpe, you should know that one of the top Nigerian musicians has arrived on the track. After a six-month-long social media break following the death of his son, Davido, aka OBO has returned with his fourth studio album titled Timeless.

Davido's Timeless unites Wizkid FC and 30BG

In an interview with Beat FM, he discussed certain things that have happened over the last six months. His marital status (yup, Davido is a married man now), his relationship with Wizkid, and the proposed collaborative tour next year.

At this point, it is safe to say Wizkid FC and Davido Stans can hug themselves and breathe. This is the era of ‘More Love; Less Ego’ There is no need for enmity again. Wizkid even posted a tweet hyping Davido’s new album. So yes, two of Nigeria’s biggest Afrobeats artists are cooking. .

The Timeless album has already hit milestones in the music industry only a few days after its release. The album seems to have an irresistible aura, which is what the Nigerian entertainment scene needs now. It has also been a very heavy conversation in the social media space for the last few days.

3rd Big Brother Naija Wedding

Mercy Chinwo fights against worldly attacks +other social media gist

Do you know that saying “a patient dog eats the fattest bone”? We are here to celebrate with Saga and Nini on their engagement. Saga maintained his course despite the gbas gbos he received while in the house because he was really into Nini. We stan an intentional man.

If you don’t know anything about their relationship, this duo during the BB Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ received a lot of backlash because of their closeness, particularly because of Saga’s love for Nini. I mean, Saga cried and even somewhat disrespected Biggie all because of Nini.

After they all left the house, fans pushed for both of them to keep up their relationship. You should not get that much stick in the house and come to the real world to end it just that. But, the duo claimed they were not in a relationship. During the reunion again, when Ebuka asked Saga, he claimed that they were just friends.

Well, people, these best friends are getting married.

But this story is not all lovey-dovey. BBN stans have dragged innocent Ozo and Nengi, another ‘couple’ that served relationship/friendship goals in the house but seemed to have parted ways out of it. What can I say? While not every relationship is promising. their fans are still hopeful of a brighter tomorrow.

One thing I can tell you is this, your future husband could be anywhere other than Shiloh.

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Allegations of an interim government and Nigerians’ confusion

Last week, ‘interim government’ started trending on Twitter. For the uninitiated. an interim government is an emergency governmental authority set up to manage a political transition.

With court cases and petitions circulating regarding the process and outcome of the February 28 presidential elections, some may think that an interim presidency will take place if the court cases do not conclude by the time of the inauguration.

The Department of State Services (DSS), a Nigerian security agency that recently just joined Twitter, tweeted the confirmation of a plot for interim government by “misguided political actors”.

According to the press release, these political actors pushing for this agenda are playing the game for their interest and jeopardizing what the constitution stands for, in return, plunging the country into crisis. It also stated that despite the peaceful elections in most parts of the country, these individuals are looking to cause chaos to obstruct the inauguration on 29th May 2023.

However, many Nigerians, including Twitter lawyers, have admitted that these so-called political actors, as the DSS has claimed, are incapable of instituting an interim government. According to Nigerian law, calling for an interim government is unconstitutional and a crime.

At this point, there are so many political activities going on at once, and while we wait for the tribunal case between the political parties as regards the outcome of the presidential election, we also await May 29th, the presidential inauguration ceremony.

Is the Honest Bunch podcast dishonest?

This has got to be the most controversial podcast show in Nigeria. Relationships, sex, hookup, and fake friendships have become the cornerstone of every episode of the Honest Bunch podcast.

It might be a good marketing strategy, especially as this probably reflects the core of everyday conversation among youths, but what’s with all the shades?

Last week, White Money, the winner of Big Brother Naija season 6 was a guest on the show and he came with a lot of energy and secrets to spill out about his fellow ex-Big Brother housemates. According to him, quite a few BBN girls have asked him to set up a hookup date with some of his friends, in Bobrisky’s voice, his “baller‘ friends.

As usual, stray bullets hit some ex-Bbn housemates, including Doyin, and of course, she had a lot to say about/to White Money and even pointed out his micro-bladed brows, which had gotten a lot of attention when it was first done.

Mercy Chinwo fights against worldly attacks +other social media gist

After she described the scenario that could have led to White Money’s reaction and the online drags, White Money apologized openly for shaming all of these women. He claims his words were misunderstood, but the social media warlords do not believe him.

At this point, the podcast show has been exclusive gists about the entertainment industry; honestly, we are here for it.

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