Israel Adesanya reclaims title from Pereira with a spectacular knockout at UFC 287

Israel Adesanya reclaims title from Pereira with a spectacular knockout at UFC 287

Happy Easter, people. There is nothing I love more in this world than holiday celebrations. While this is a moment for all of us to reflect on our lives and enjoy the holiday with our loved ones, Technext is not sleeping.

Of course, we want to bring you the juicy happenings that have led conversations in the social media world during the past week. The social media space has been filled with a rollercoaster of emotions.

Nigerian-born professional mixed martial artist, Israel Adesanya, defeated Alex Pereira to reclaim his UFC middleweight belt title in the Ultimate Fighting Championship 287.

Gangs of Lagos, a smash or pass?

Israel Adesanya reclaims title from Pereira with a spectacular knockout at UFC 287

In the midst of all the drama on social media, the Nigerian creatives that brought a new type of action thriller to our screens in 2022 with Brotherhood have released yet another thriller, Gangs of Lagos. The movie has left viewers wanting more.

Well, there will not be spoilers in this article; wait patiently for our movie review. However, while the movie was dope, and cast members outperformed their roles, many Nigerians came for Toyin Abraham aka Asiwaju Baby.

Some Obidients chose to boycott the movie because of her stance during the political season. Others advise Nollywood stars to learn from their actions. Is it worth cancelling the movie because of one person’s political affiliation in real life?

Anyways, I think giving enough flowers to all the cast and crew members in that movie because it gave what it was supposed to give.

The last style-bender reclaims his title

The Nigerian-born New Zealander fighter, Isreal Adesanya, knocked out Brazil’s Alex Perreira in the fourth minute of the second round of the bout, which took place at the FTX Arena, Miami, Florida, on Sunday morning, April 9.

Adesanya entered UFC 287 after suffering three defeats in his first three meetings with Pereira. The win over Pereira is Adesanya’s 24th in his career in mixed martial arts.

With his back against the cage in round two, Adesanya, 33, unleased two crushing right hands to send Pereira, 35, to the canvas.

“I hope every one of you can feel this level of happiness for one time in your life,” said Israel Adesanya.

“But guess what – you’ll never feel this level of happiness if you don’t go for something in your life. When they knock you down, if you stay down, you will never get that resolve.

“Fortify your mind and feel this level of happiness. I’m blessed to feel this again and again and again.”

The clash of the eminent littérateurs

Israel Adesanya reclaims title from Pereira with a spectacular knockout at UFC 287

Since the proclamation of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the winner of the 2023 presidential elections, many people have stood to either challenge the INEC’s decision by claiming that the election was not free and fair or to support their decision by claiming that the candidate had an unbroken landslide victory.

This topic, however, has involved prominent Nigerian writers Wole Soyinka and Chimamanda Adichie, who featured in the social media trend chart during the past week. In an interview with Channels TV, Wole Soyinka challenged Mr Datti, the Labour Party Vice presidential candidate to discuss his remark regarding swearing in the president-elect, which prompted NBC to sue the media platform that allowed the interview.

One thing has become obvious: if you go against the beliefs of Obidients, be prepared to get dragged and CANCELLED.

To top it all off, the queen of Feminism, Chimamanda Adichie, decided to weigh in on the matter. But instead of doing a local interview, she penned an entire article in The Atlantic in which she chastised both the US president and the US State Department for congratulating the winner of the election.

The Obident movement on social media seems very pleased with the comments made by the Half of a Yellow Sun author.

Dem put “baboon” behind bars

Anytime Portable graces us with his online presence; there is always a good laugh from the content. If we remember clearly, two weeks ago, Portable, in an Instagram live session, was seen shouting frantically at some law enforcement men who came to invite him to the station for a case.

The Zazu performer was seen yelling in the live stream, “I am a baboon, I live in the zoo, Zazuu… I am a celebrity…, prompting a social media laughing frenzy. It did not end well for the street performer, who was charged to court on a six-count charge, including refusing arrest, hurting a police officer, and punching up a guy who filed a petition to CP Ogun.

Trust Nigerians to keep us updated on the matter. On the day of the hearing, Portable appeared to be in his most humble self, fidgeting as he stood in the dock. Dem don put baboon for cage, a Twitter user tweeted.

Shortly after the experience, I guess he got inspiration from his time in prison as the now-humbled artiste released a snippet to an upcoming single. This is about his experience during the court trial, which is more like a diss track. We stan a smart businessman. And yeah, the song seems kinda cool.

What do you think about Portable crazy dramas?

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Nigeria’s “Only Fans” business model

social media roundup

Last week, Twitter NG decided to “buy market” for a popular Yoga influencer, Pelumi, aka Jellybum, aka Saturn’s Mummy, accusing her of allegedly selling nudes that women send to her to men.

According to victims and people who claim to be very familiar with the matter, the influencer acts like a body positivity queen on social media and praises women for their looks. In return, some of these women send her their nudes mostly after she tweets, “Send me titties”.

She has allegedly been doing this since 2020 and even has a telegram channel where she distributes and sells nudes and sex tapes. Some even said she is also involved in voodoo-like practices. What can I say?

While different pieces of evidence kept popping up about the yoga influencer’s “only fans” business, she did not make an official statement on the matter.

Well, this is all for now. I understand that this is all too much to process.

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