LinkedIn launches 3 free verification features to confirm users’ identity

LinkedIn launched free verification options to check users' identity

LinkedIn, the employment-focused social media platform that connects the world’s professionals, has announced via a blog post that it has introduced three new ways to verify a person’s identity and where they work.

These new verification processes were developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s Entra Verified ID services and the identity verification system operator CLEAR. LinkedIn’s new verification plans have nothing to do with its paid subscriptions because it is entirely free, unlike other social media platforms that have implemented paid verification measures in recent months.

According to Oscar Rodriguez, the Vice President, Product Management, on LinkedIn, in the blog post shared by the company, he said,

Through all these new, free features, we’re helping give you the confidence that who you’re connecting with and the content you come across is trusted and authentic. While all LinkedIn members globally won’t have access to these verification options immediately, we will expand availability and ways for you to participate over time. We’ll keep you updated as we continue rolling out more features like these.

These new features hope to promote more users’ authenticity on the platform and even a better chance to find the professional opportunities that matter to users and their community.

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The three new verification options and how to get them

Identity verification option with CLEAR
LinkedIn launched free verification options to check users' identity

The partnership with CLEAR will verify its LinkedIn members with a badge that shows on their LinkedIn profile that they have been verified with the security company.

You only need a valid phone number and a U.S. government-issued ID to get confirmed with CLEAR. Once your identity has been confirmed, your profile will show a new “Verifications” section just beneath your contact information, Connect, and Message buttons. The checkmark next to a “Government ID” banner on your profile page will let users know you have “a verified government ID.”

This option will roll out this month and will only be available for LinkedIn members in the US.

Verify where you work with your company email
LinkedIn launched free verification options to check users' identity

LinkedIn has now provided users with an option to verify their workplace with their company-issued email address. To use this feature and confirm your place of employment, you must enter a 6-digit verification code sent to your company email address.

Once the verification has been made, it will be added to the new verification section just beneath your contact information, Connect, and Message buttons and along with other verifications you have done.

According to LinkedIn, this tool is currently compatible with more than 4,000 companies using the platform, and over time, eligibility will be expanded, and more companies will be added. This is yet another technique to show that your profile is genuine.

Verify where you work with Microsoft Entra

LinkedIn will allow companies to leverage the Microsoft Entra Verified ID platform to issue digital workplace IDs for free. With this, organizations can utilize the Verified ID to generate personalized digital employee IDs that correspond to their brand and operational requirements.

Members of LinkedIn have the opportunity to confirm their place of employment on their profile. Members can access their digital employee ID from their company with only a few taps on their phone and opt to share it on LinkedIn.

The ID checkmark will be displayed in the new “Verification” section upon verification. The new option will roll out at the end of this month, and LinkedIn plans to make this option available to dozens of participating companies.

LinkedIn’s move to tackle the ‘fake account’ problem

This new, audacious action by the social networking site is one strategy to stop the problems with false profiles, which have spread like wildfire on social media platforms. Despite the platform’s aggressive efforts to identify bogus accounts, these additional verification methods will probably speed up the process.

According to LinkedIn’s community report, more than 21 million bogus accounts were found and deleted between January 1 and June 30 of, 2022. Although the business reports that automated defenses prevented 95.3% of those bogus accounts from being created during registration, there was still a nearly 28% rise in fraudulent accounts discovered compared to the previous six months.

With over 850 million users, more than 58 million companies listed on the site, and 52 million people searching for jobs on LinkedIn every week, cyber threat is a major issue that has crept into the social employment platform with malicious links hovering around content and job posting.

However, with these new verification measures, users are now assured of connecting with authentic and verified people.

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