Tiwa Savage dragged by Nigerians for accepting to perform at King Charles’ coronation

All hail the King + other social media trendy gist this week

Hey folks, let me tell you, this week has been an absolute rollercoaster of stress! But you know what’s been my saving grace? Social media! I mean, yeah, it can be toxic and drain your life out, but holy guacamole, there’s some hilarious stuff you just can’t miss!

It’s been like a never-ending drama series. Each day, there’s a new gossip bomb waiting to explode! And if it’s not the latest controversy, it is the leftovers from yesterday’s drama spilling over into today’s chaos. From the King’s never-ending coronation saga to the rumoured Acrimony 2 (don’t even get me started on that mess). And oh, the Met Gala! The fashion extravaganza where our eyeballs and brains feasted on jaw-dropping looks!

I’m telling you, my friends, this week has been juicy. However, we cannot keep you hanging, and this roundup includes the top social media gists that caused raised the roof and eyebrows last week.

All hail the King! All hail the Queen of Afrobeat, Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage dragged by Nigerians for accepting to perform at King Charles' coronation.
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It’s been a long wait, almost eight months since Queen Elizabeth left us, but it is finally time for Prince Charles to take the throne and get his royal crown on! Cue the confetti and trumpet fanfare because this new King has spent the last 74 years preparing for his big day.

But again, amidst all the chaos, we can’t forget the most important part of any royal shindig: the outfits! We got a feel of the Met Gala but this time in a classy, professional way. Some outfits were absolutely jaw-dropping, like the classic British princess style, and then some guests decided to bring their whole culture and tradition to the party.

For us Nigerians, we had our superstar in the mix. Guess who? Our Afro queen herself, Tiwa Savage.

She is set to make history as the first Nigerian to perform at the coronation ceremony of a British monarch. Many fans of the Afrobeat community went wild with glee! They say it’s a big win, people! But is it?

Many Nigerians and Africans have expressed disappointment that one of Nigeria’s biggest stars is willing to entertain the colonisers. Especially after several artists from the United States and Europe allegedly turned down the opportunity to perform at the coronation concert.

According to Al-Jazeera, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, and Robbie Williams are just a few artists who turned down invitations to play at the coronation.

Acrimony 2; Nay or Yay?

Acrimony? + other social media trendy gist this week

Let’s talk about the movie that had the social media space shaken to its core back in 2018: Acrimony. Tyler Perry did a number on us with that one. The plot, the characters, the style—it was like chewing on a piece of broken glass that just won’t go down smoothly.

Here’s what still has our heads spinning: whose fault was it all? We’ve debated this until we turned blue in the face, and even the actors in the movie or Tyler Perry himself haven’t spilt the beans yet. Talk about a mystery for the ages!

And now rumour has it that a sequel, Acrimony 2 is coming. If it is true then Tyler Perry might be ready to stir that conversation all over again. Now, I’m scratching my head here—what in the world will happen in this new chapter? While the first movie was filled with pain, hatred, and a thirst for revenge. The main character Melinda died at the end, and the husband seemed to be living his best life. So, what else?

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a twist we overlooked in the first part. You never know with Tyler Perry. But let me tell you, this news has broken the Twitter space! It’s like someone threw a grenade and reignited that “who’s at fault” debate. Hopefully, we get our answers in this next part.

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Tems and Burna Boy representing Africa at the 2023 Met Gala

This year’s Met Gala had all of us glued to our screens from start to finish, bumpa to bumpa! They called it “A line of beauty,” paying homage to the one and only Chanel king, Karl Lagerfeld.

Celebrities from all corners of the world gathered to honour this icon, and boy, did they bring the drama! Some outfits had us rolling on the floor. I mean, I had a moment where I was playing Sherlock Holmes on social media, trying to decipher the hidden intentions of the designers.

However, some absolutely slayed the competition! They came in with their A-game, strutting the red carpet like they owned the place. And let me tell you, the Afrobeat and Nigerian artists representing us didn’t come to play. Give it up for Tems and Burna Boy.

Now, Burna Boy’s outfit got a few mixed reviews. Some social media fans weren’t jumping out of their seats excitedly because some other celebrities decided to rock similar looks. But you know what? I think Burna Boy owned it.

A full week of drags for just Yetunde Gold on social media

Back to Nigerian Twitterverse. You know how it goes on social media—drama, dragging, and more drama! This time, the spotlight is on Yeside Olasimbo, a.k.a. Yetunde Gold, a social media influencer and the founder of the Blue Lily Initiative.

So, Yetunde decided to bless our timelines with a video post where she was all dressed up, seated in what appears to be a hall at the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland. Now, that’s quite a prestigious setting, right? But wait for it.

In the video, as she delivered her “speech”, something seemed off. The camera was focused solely on her, but there was no noise, clapping, or reaction from anyone else in the supposed hall. To fuel the fire, no concrete evidence shows anyone else was present or listened to her “speech”.

This video didn’t sit well with some of her followers and the mighty Nigerian Twitter in general. They dug deep, did some undercover research, and boom! They accused her of misrepresentation and lying, claiming that the hall was empty, and they could hear it echoing in the video.

Some other Twitter detectives even brought out videos of other speakers at real UN meetings, showing a stark contrast between their packed halls, engagements, and Yetunde’s solo act. Although, Yetunde did not let this slide. She stepped up and cleared the air, like a true social media warrior.

According to her, saying she was speaking didn’t necessarily mean she delivered a full-blown speech. She was merely participating in the Q&A session, introducing her organization. Well, well, well, that’s quite the twist! And just when you thought the drama had peaked, a fresh new drag started, revolving around her educational background.

Well, that is all for this week… Fingers crossed for more exciting social media gists in the coming weeks.

See you. Bye

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