Nigerians rally round Hilda Bachi as she aims to break the world record for longest cooking time

Nigerians rally round Hilda Bachi as she aims to break the world record for longest cooking time

Hey everyone, I’m back in action! Yes, I just stepped out of Hilda Baci’s competition venue, and let me tell you, the love there is off the charts! I always thought the hype was confined to social media, but once I arrived, I could practically feel the electric energy crackling in the air. Some die-hard fans even camped out overnight to be a part of this amazing event.

Now, let’s talk about the most exciting part—free food! You’re probably wondering what happens to all the delicious dishes Hilda cooks up within the 97 hours of her quest. Well, guess what? They’re not going to waste. Fans at the arena get to witness a fantastic competition and satisfy their taste buds with some mouthwatering treats. It’s a win-win!

Last week was one heck of a rollercoaster in the social space, as always. But worry not, my friends, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated the juiciest and most captivating stories just for you.

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Hilda Baci’s Guinness World Record Quest

97 Hours of Nonstop Cooking, Go Hilda Baci!

Breaking a Guinness World Record? Now that’s not something most people dream of doing, but hey, there are always those few ambitious souls who strive for greatness. And one such person is Hilda Baci.

Let me tell you, this lady is a force to be reckoned with. After winning the prestigious 2021 Jolloffaceoff, Hilda Baci, the genius behind My Food by Hilda, set her sights on an even more significant achievement: breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time by an individual.

Can you believe it? Hilda Baci has been going at it for more than 72 hours straight without taking a break! She’s like a cooking machine on a mission. But she’s not stopping there. Oh no! Hilda Baci’s ultimate goal is to cook non-stop for a mind-boggling 96 hours. Why? Well, that would beat the current record set by an Indian chef back in 2019, who managed to cook for 87 hours and 45 minutes non-stop.

Hilda Baci dubbed this incredible journey her “Cook-a-thon,” which has taken the social media world by storm. People love it! Celebrities, artists, and even politicians from all over Nigeria have rallied behind her, showing their support.

Nigerian rapper, Dremo was there to entertain her, and Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, personally visited Hilda Baci, benefitting from the meals as well. Vice-President Yemi Osibanjo has been on the phone to offer his encouragement.

But it’s not just the big shots who are rooting for her. Hilda Baci’s own mother has sent her a special message, probably reminding her to take care of herself amidst this culinary marathon. And to keep her spirits high and energy flowing, there have been fantastic performances to entertain her throughout the process. It’s all about creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Seun Kuti, the Police is supposed to be your friend

Law enforcement agencies and Nigerian citizens have never been particularly friendly. There have been several cases of police officials harassing the citizens. Remember the End Sars protest?

But this time, the harassment wasn’t coming from a police officer, as is the unfortunate norm. Seun Kuti was captured on camera shouting at, shoving, and slapping a police officer across the face while the officer stood there looking sorry for whatever pissed Seun off.

As you can imagine, this video not only caught the attention of the public but also got the law enforcement agencies buzzing. The Inspector-General of Police himself wasted no time and promptly ordered Seun Kuti’s arrest.

Of course, Seun Kuti had his side of the story. According to the Afrobeat singer, he claimed that the police officer wanted to “kill him and his family.” Now, that’s a serious allegation, and it added fuel to the already blazing fire. Some people couldn’t help but connect Seun Kuti’s behaviour with his political affiliation, making it an even juicier topic for discussion.

Femi Otedola vs Tony Elumelu

This spectacle had the entire social media universe on its seat edges, ready to witness the drama unfold.

It all began when Femi Otedola, the suave business magnate, decided to snag a massive 5.52% stake in Transcorp Plc. Suddenly, he became the second-largest investor, and whispers of a potential takeover from Tony Elumelu started swirling around.

However, this move set off a colossal power struggle within Transcorp. Tony Elumelu, not one to back down easily, rallied his troops and fought tooth and nail to maintain control of the company. It was like watching a high-stakes chess match, with both billionaires making strategic moves and plotting their next steps.

Now, rumour is that this feud between Otedola and Elumelu has been brewing for ages. It’s the kind of simmering tension that only reveals itself to the public when things reach a boiling point. We’re talking about some serious bad blood here, my friend.

Of course, where there’s a social media frenzy, netizens are always eager to throw in their unsolicited two cents. Some armchair analysts couldn’t resist jumping into the ring, offering their opinions. It’s amazing how people can find a way to bring politics, tribalism, and every other divisive element into a juicy billionaire brawl.

But let’s not forget; this is more than just a clash of egos. This is a battle for power and control.

Adesanya Israel ex-girlfriend; An Hakimi story

It’s a crazy time in the world of social media. We’re still trying to recover from the whirlwind of fake news that recently swirled around about Hakimi’s wife and her divorce. According to those rumours, Hakimi’s assets were all under his mother’s name, leaving his wife with nothing. Can you believe that? It’s like something out of a soap opera.

And just when we thought we had enough drama to handle, here comes another juicy story that’s got everyone buzzing. Word on the street is that the UFC middleweight Champion, Israel Adesanya, is treading on eggshells. Why, you ask? Well, his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell, has decided to take him to court, claiming she deserves half of his wealth because they dated for an eternity. No marriage, no kids, but dating alone is enough to ignite this legal battle.

You might be thinking, “What in the world is going on?” Trust me; you’re not alone. People are completely perplexed, and the social space is buzzing with anticipation about how this situation will unfold. It’s like watching a reality TV show, except it’s real life.

But here’s the twist: Israel Adesanya, who is charismatic, has taken to his Instagram story to make a statement. He’s emphasizing that he can relate to the Hakimi story. Can you imagine? It’s like these two stories are merging into some celebrity legal saga. It’s enough to keep us all on our seats, waiting for the next plot twist.

So, here we are, caught in the middle of these entangled tales. Will Charlotte Powdrell walk away with a portion of Adesanya’s wealth? The suspense is killing us! It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, twists and turns at every corner.

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