Hilda ‘Baddie’, AMVCA, the Idibias, and another eventful week of social media drama

A $20,000 outfit for AMVCA show + other social media gist

Hey everyone! So, let’s talk about the crazy drama that’s been unfolding in the entertainment industry lately. I mean, it’s been one juicy story after another, and social media users just couldn’t get enough of it. The entertainment industry (and every other industry, to be honest) has a love-hate relationship with social media, but that is a story for another day.

This social media roundup has served you with the hottest gossip that kept everyone talking. From Hilda Baci’s victorious win to the never-ending drama of the Idibias to the AMVCA and the exclusive content from the RBC podcast, there was no shortage of excitement.

AMVCA turned out to be Nigeria’s version of MET Gala

A $20,000 outfit for AMVCA show + other social media gist

The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, AMVCA, served different shades of drama and subtle jabs exchanged between the nominees. The grand finale was quite something! Regarding fashion sense, Nigeria takes the crown in the whole of Africa. Yes. I said what I said. I mean, the outfits that graced that black carpet were jaw-dropping.

Tacha, an ex-BBNaija superstar, made quite an announcement claiming to have splurged a whopping $20,000 on her outfit. It was no joke for her. She wanted to make a statement at the AMVCA show, and boy, did she succeed because she has been trending since that night..

However, despite everyone looking like a million bucks in pearls, lace, feathers, and silk, there were mixed feelings about the main AMVCA ceremony. People couldn’t help but wonder if something fishy was going on. Some of the winners were unexpected, making people wonder if the voting was rigged.

Some celebrities like Osas Ighodaro and Tobi Bakre faced quite a bit of backlash on social media. Many folks out there simply didn’t believe they deserved those awards. People were like, “Wait a minute, what about the talented actors and actresses from Shanty Town or the brilliant cast of Anikulapo?” It felt as if the awards were dominated by ex-BBNaija stars, and that left some people scratching their heads.

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‘Baddie’ wife material; A Queen like Hilda

A $20,000 outfit for AMVCA show + other social media gis

Just as we anxiously await the formal verification from Guinness World Records to authenticate all the evidence and crown Hilda Baci the title of a record holder, social media users ignited passionate discussions about her personality.

Hilda is in the limelight now but before her spirited participation in the Guinness World Record competition, her deeds remained a little bit concealed from the public eye. However, with her victory, some individuals have begun utilizing her as a benchmark, deifying her as the epitome of an ideal wife.

They are not wrong, one man would be lucky to call her his wife should she decide to get married but these perceptions might have stemmed from her dedication to building a successful career centred around culinary art. I mean, in our society, ‘cooking is a woman’s job’ so yeah, maybe the ideal wife but little did these individuals know that under the apron and chef cap, she is a high-class, 21st-century babe, belonging to a class commonly referred to as baddies.

Although, this seemed like a shock to these individuals. The notion of a woman excelling in a traditional domestic role, such as cooking, while simultaneously embodying confidence and allure has been overturned.

It begs whether the prevailing Nigerian standard for an ideal wife material necessitates the absence of a vibrant social life. Nevertheless, this thought-provoking topic has engendered impassioned debates in the social media space.

Men like 2face Idbia, a rare gem

It’s impossible to ignore the ongoing saga surrounding the relationship between the legendary 2face Idibia and his wife, Annie. The echoes of their drama have reached far and wide, capturing the attention of the masses.

While the latest flames were fanned by the Netflix African reality TV series Young, Famous & African during the last week, it’s now become a daily spectacle, offering us an unfiltered glimpse into the complexities of their lives. At this point, it is no longer an ordinary family affair because there is enough room for online in-laws to give their two cents.

As the last season came to a close, the social media world erupted with scathing criticisms aimed at Annie Idibia. It was like a battlefield where she was mercilessly attacked for her candid remarks about the state of her marriage and the recurring infidelity scandals involving 2face Idibia.

But just when we thought we’d caught our breath, Season 2 of this real-life TV series is back. Despite the countless instances of infidelity that have plagued this couple since immemorial, 2face Idibia recently dropped a bombshell comment that left everyone speechless.

In an audacious move, he boldly proclaimed, in front of his wife and her seemingly unsuspecting “friends,” that men are inherently predisposed to polygamy. Needless to say, this statement sent shockwaves throughout social media, leaving netizens and fans of the couple in disbelief and outrage.

10k is for beggars only, not for baddies

Caramel Plug and her podcast crew just released another episode. And let me tell you, they didn’t drop just one, but two gossip bangers that caught everyone’s attention. However, things took an unexpected turn when one of those jabs accidentally hit DJ Cuppy, wherever she is in the world right now.

Maliya and Lydia, two hosts, didn’t hold back and straight-up called out DJ Cuppy’s fashion choices. They thought Cuppy’s outfits were too “tacky”, considering she’s a billionaire’s daughter. This comment caused quite a stir in the world of social media. People adore Cuppy, so they wouldn’t tolerate any slander against her.

These girls didn’t stop there. They started discussing guys who give money to girls and boldly stated that receiving 10k from a guy was simply not enough. According to them, the guy should give that money to beggars instead. Can you believe it? Especially in this tough economy we’re facing?

That’s all guys… See you this weekend.

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