Here are 3 airdrop projects you should look out for in June

Temitope Akintade
Crypto airdrops

For the uninitiated, Airdrops are free cryptocurrencies given to reward users that have met certain criteria like owning a specific cryptocurrency or performing some defined tasks.

Airdrops are intended to encourage community engagement and wider adoption of new projects and they have become one of the most lucrative ways to make passive income in the crypto space. 

Earlier this year, the much-anticipated distribution of the Arbitrum token, $ARB happened and it sent shockwaves across the crypto space due to how massive it was. Early network interactors were eligible to claim the token and qualified users received between 625 to 10,000 $ARB tokens, which corresponded to around $1000 to $15,000 at that time.

Since Airdrops have proven to be efficient in being used to create buzz around a new crypto project, there are now other networks rolling out airdrops subsequently that could prove far more lucrative. 

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Also, the prospect of earning free tokens has instilled excitement around users looking to hunt for the next opportunity. The interesting part of airdrop farming is that it benefits the network issuing the tokens and the recipients. It helps the protocol attract liquidity and usage and gives users a sense of belonging and financial rewards.

In this connection, below is a list of three opportunities you can position yourself in June and all you need to do to be eligible for them.

Blur Airdrop phase 2

Recall that earlier in February, NFT marketplace Blur concluded the first season of its airdrop and it later on announced a second round. 

Here are 3 airdrop projects you should look out for in June

The second phase was initially scheduled for April but it was delayed and now there are indications that the rewards might be coming up in June. The announcement says the project will distribute 300 million BLUR tokens in the second season. According to the current market price, that points to around $132 million.

Some of the ways to maximise the potential of the Blur airdrop is maintaining 100% loyalty points through minting, listing, and bidding exclusively on the Blur NFT marketplace.


NFT Marketplace, Zora NFT announced its Ethereum Layer 2 launch at the end of May and since then, speculation has increased among the community members for a potential airdrop.

Per records, Zora marketplace Crunchbase profile says it has raised $60 million in funding from over 10 investors like Coinbase Ventures and Haun Ventures and data also says the marketplace has above three million NFTs and offers free minting and listing already.

This giant strides in such a short time, with no governance token yet is an indicator that its airdrop will be massive, although there is no official confirmation yet.

Here is a Twitter thread on how to get qualified for the potential airdrop in June.

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Vela Airdrop

Vela, a DEx has confirmed an airdrop which will be coming up on June 26 during the exchange’s launch on the mainnet. The airdrop is described as a “mysterious, gamified claim experience”, during the announcement.

Crypto airdrops

Vela said there will be two paths for the airdrop. First: Launch airdrop for the official launch participants. Secondly: Beta airdrop for the exchange’s active users during the beta phase. The network earlier hinted in February that the trading volume during the beta phase which ended in April would play a huge role during the airdrop distribution. 

Good luck to all participants.


It is important to note that bad actors can take advantage of the current hype around airdrops to conduct various phishing scams. In view of this, airdrop farmers should do proper due diligence while performing the activities.

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