Davido vs Burna Boy fans, chef Dammy and other social media gists

Davido vs Burna Boy fans, chef Dammy and other social media gists

Is it just me, or is this month crawling slowly? It was as if every day had more than 24 hours, except on work days, though, haha! But for the social media world, it was a fun week with a plethora of drama unfolding daily. From Davido‘s altercation with Burna Boy‘s fans to the entanglement of Chef Dammy.

Imagine jumping from one social media platform to another. Anyway, as per our tradition, we have meticulously curated some of the most intriguing stories for your leisurely perusal.

So, take your time and indulge in them.

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Davido vs Burna Boy fans: A Deadly fight

We all thought the fight between the new cats and the old cat was over, little did we know that some fervent followers of Burna Boy still harboured thoughts of Davido, eagerly awaiting the opportune moment to strike.

Davido vs Burna Boy fans: A deadly fight +other social media gists

So, apparently, Burna Boy was slated to host a grand spectacle in Amsterdam, only to disappoint the eager crowd with his absence once again. This egregious act prompted fans to vehemently denounce his impolite conduct and callous disregard for those who had patiently waited for over five hours.

A certain individual, in a mischievous act, shared a photograph from the Burna Boy event, humorously tagging a fan of Burna Boy, yet the intended humour was lost on the fan, who proceeded to craft another tweet, casting a sly shadow over Davido saying, “Even Davido burial that would be free can’t pack this crowd”.

Davido vs Burna Boy fans: A deadly fight +other social media gists

This led to fierce arguments between the fans of Burna Boy and of Davido.

Obviously, there is already an intense rivalry between the two artists’ devoted followers so the fight has been a bit intense. Surprisingly, Burna Boy himself remained silent, on the matter. Davido on the other hand has deleted his comments on the matter.

Ninalowo subtracted from Extraction 2

For the past two months, our eyes have seen nothing but the captivating trailer of Extraction 2, leaving us eagerly anticipating its release. But last week took a sudden twist and turned the excitement up a notch. Out of nowhere, actor Bolanle Ninalowo took Nigerians by surprise as he publicly announcement about his involvement in Extraction 2.

In less than 12 hours, a viral video surfaced, showcasing Ninalowo dressed to the nines in a sleek bulletproof vest, armed with a pistol, right on a movie set. It was a big win for Nigerians and the electrifying news spread like wildfire across the vast expanse of social media, with countless well-wishers congratulating Ninalowo on his remarkable achievement.

At that point, the eagerness to watch the movie heightened and a few days later it was released on Netflix.

However, the movie has now hit the screens, and I must confess, I’ve watched it a good three times already, but sadly, I am yet to still see Ninalowo’s appearance. He seems to have vanished from the movie entirely, not even making a cameo as one of the extras.

Quite disappointing, but it appears that the extraction he was thrilled about was an entirely different one from the version we were all eagerly awaiting.

The video that circulated turned out to be part of Netflix’s promotional activities, showcasing Ninalowo and other African celebrities in South Africa, engaging in a thrilling game session that aligned with the movie’s theme.

I must say, Netflix sure knows how to promote a movie.

Maybe we will see him in Extraction 3. Who knows?

Chef Dammy to take over Hilda Baci’s chef cap soon

This epic saga between Chef Dammy and Hilda has unfolded into a captivating spectacle, dominating conversations far and wide throughout the week and even this month.

It is like every day we wake up, there is a new gist or statement from Chef Dammy. Of course, we are happy for her as she completed her 120 hours of cook-a-thon. We would have crowned both of them the Chefs of Nigeria, but Hilda has already taken that crown.

Earlier last week. the Guinness World Record confirmed and awarded her the title of the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

Although Chef Dammy surpassed her feat, she did not register with the Guinness World Record and denied any intention of competing for the title at that time. To her, cooking is a passion and she just wanted to inspire people through that which many people on social media did not buy.

However, now that Hilda has claimed the title, Chef Dammy is currently setting her eyes on a new challenge, aiming to cook for an astonishing 150 hours next month and this time, get registered with the Guinness World Record.

She explained in an interview that the groundwork for this epic undertaking is already underway, meticulously planned by her management team and eagerly anticipated by her legion of devoted fans.

This has led to conversations as to if all of this is a skit. Is she even a chef?

Some sceptics question whether Chef Dammy should even be taken seriously, given the newfound focus on grandiose stunts and the entourage of security personnel accompanying her every move. We understand she is now a star but as Layi Wasabi astutely points out, her “dreams are unique”, and we wish her well.

Fight between Destiny owners and Destiny helper

Do you recall those security guards employed by Chicken Republic, who were dismissed for dancing and creating TikTok videos while on duty?

Their video went viral and they were fortunate enough to attract a philanthropist who graciously sent them to Cyprus to further their education. However, they have once again found themselves in the limelight, although this time it is not for their dancing, but rather due to a controversial situation.

It appears that the benevolent sponsor of their educational endeavours, Apostle Chibuzor, is now seeking a means to repatriate them to Nigeria.

However, the viral duo, Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson, recently took to social media to openly criticized the philanthropist and his church and accused him of abruptly terminating their fully funded scholarships and allegedly abandoning them without any support in Cyprus.

According to Apostle Chibuzor, the increased value of the dollar has adversely affected their financial assistance, which is why he is considering bringing them back to Nigeria to continue their education at any school of their choice still under his patronage just like what he is doing for the other students he is catering for.

Nevertheless, the buoyant young men have vehemently declined the offer, firmly asserting that the Apostle should allow them to pursue their own paths and that everyone should part ways.

They have made it abundantly clear that, under no circumstances, will they return to Nigeria. Unsurprisingly, this has sparked numerous discussions, with people criticizing the boys for their perceived lack of respect, and others claiming it is all a clout-chasing scheme from both parties.

RIP Don Brymo

The entertainment industry had certainly been immersed in a whirlpool of drama, captivating events and even death, Last week, we lost Don Brymo, a veteran actor whose absence reverberated deeply within the industry and among his ardent admirers.

The circumstances surrounding his demise were shrouded in speculation.

Some attributed his passing to a peaceful slumber that transcended into eternal rest, while others asserted that he suffered a sudden collapse while on the set of a motion picture. Regardless of the reason, this has been a shock to many fans who have taken the social space to send their condolences.

In another revelation that rippled through the entertainment sphere, Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu aka Shina Rambo went viral after a viral TikTok video showed him selling Okirika in a market in Enugu.

Speculation arose, questioning whether the insufficiency of monetary compensation within the entertainment industry had driven Madu to undertake this additional endeavour or if he simply sought to augment his sources of income. Others are sceptical if it is acting.

But the actor has come to calm the air that he has been in the business for 13 years and this is another hustle for him.

Well, that is all for now. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Have a great week.

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