M-Kopa makes TIME100’s list of most influential companies: a look into its growing global influence

Godfrey Elimian
TIME100: A look into M-Kopa's growing global presence and influence
TIME100: A look into M-Kopa’s growing global presence and influence

In recent years, African tech platforms have emerged as formidable players, capturing global attention with their value-driven innovations and far-reaching impact. What was once an underrepresented and overlooked region is now a hotbed of innovation, challenging the rest of the world and showcasing the immense potential of the African tech ecosystem.

Today, African tech platforms like Flutterwave, Paystack, M-Kopa and many others are redefining traditional models, leveraging their deep understanding of local contexts and unique market dynamics. It is no wonder, these platforms are beginning to gain worldwide recognition.

M-Kopa, a Kenya-based asset financing platform, has recently earned a well-deserved spot on the TIME 100 Most Influential Companies list. This recognition signifies the company’s remarkable journey and its significant impact on global energy access and financial inclusion.

An M-Kopa rep and former US President, Barack Obama

Founded in 2011 to address the challenge of energy poverty in East Africa, the company’s influence has gone beyond borders to recognise that millions of people lacked access to reliable electricity. It was founded by Nick Hughes, Jesse Moore, and Chad Larson,

This article delves into the emergence of the pay-as-you-go platform, its unique market proposition, and its expansion strategy, highlighting how this groundbreaking company has emerged as a leading force in the industry.

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M-Kopa’s driving strategy

In Africa, a significant portion of the population lacks basic access to electricity. Limited infrastructure, high costs, and remote locations contribute to this challenge. However, innovative solutions such as pay-as-you-go solar systems and mobile payment technologies are emerging to address the energy poverty gap and provide affordable and sustainable energy solutions.

M-Kopa Solar

In recognizing that millions of people lacked access to reliable electricity, the founders envisioned a business model that would provide affordable solar power to off-grid households. Leveraging the widespread use of mobile phones in the region, they developed a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) system, enabling customers to make small daily payments for solar energy through mobile money platforms.

So, a customer needs a loan for a rooftop solar-­power system. But she makes less than $2 a day, has no credit history, and has no collateral. For M-Kopa, that’s no problem. The Kenya-based financing platform offers underbanked African customers pay-as-you-go access to anything from e-bikes to fuel-­efficient stoves and smartphones.

Its unique market proposition lies in its ability to combine clean energy solutions with innovative financial services, ultimately empowering underserved communities. The company offers solar home systems that include solar panels, LED lights, phone-charging capabilities, and energy-efficient appliances. Customers can acquire these systems through flexible payment plans, making solar energy affordable and accessible.

Perhaps, the key differentiator for M-Kopa is its integration of mobile money technology. Customers make payments via their mobile phones, allowing for seamless transactions and eliminating the need for physical cash. This approach has revolutionized the energy sector, as it enables low-income households to access clean energy without the burden of upfront costs or high-interest rates associated with traditional financing options.

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How impactful is this model?

According to Times, in creating TIME100 Companies, an initiative launched in 2021, “its editors, led by Emma Barker, seek nominations from across sectors and poll their global network of contributors and correspondents, as well as outside experts. Then they evaluate each on key factors, including impact, innovation, ambition, and success. The result is a diverse group of businesses helping chart an essential path forward.”

In other, words, in terms of impact, innovation, ambition and success, M-Kopa’s model has been found satisfactory.

Asides, from institutional tribute and commendation, the issue of electricity and low power generation, especially in rural areas of Africa, has been a long-standing problem that has created a gap in development and growth, especially in terms of access and financial inclusion.

In bringing their solution to the low-income class of society, M-Kopa has both offered value and innovation in one pack. Perhaps, the vision of the founders has successfully helped in creating this path. “If you treat low-­income people as customers, not charity cases,” says co-founder and CEO Jesse Moore, “you can change the world.”

Jesse Moore, co-founder and CEO of M-Kopa, in 2019

Expansion Strategy

M-Kopa’s success in Kenya led to its expansion into neighbouring countries, such as Uganda and Tanzania. The company strategically partnered with local mobile network operators and established distribution networks to reach a wider customer base.

The company has since crossed from East Africa into West Africa, including Nigeria and Ghana to its expanding network of countries. It also plans to scale its footprint across the continent further. It has strengthened its customer relationship and technology while scaling financial services products like health insurance, cash loans, and BNPL merchant partnerships.

To fuel its expansion and innovation, M-Kopa secured substantial investments from renowned investors, including venture capital firms and impact investors. These funds enabled the company to scale its operations, strengthen its supply chain, and improve customer support services.

In a recent funding round, the company secured more than $250 million to expand its financial services and grow its footprint in the continent. This fund is the latest after it secures a $75 million “growth equity round” in March last year.

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In all, there is no doubt that M-Kopa’s journey from a startup to a globally recognized company on the TIME 100 list is a testament to its commitment to social impact and innovation.

By providing affordable clean energy solutions and financial services to underserved communities, M-Kopa has transformed the lives of millions across Africa. With its expansion strategy and continuous focus on customer-centric solutions, M-Kopa is poised to further drive positive change in the energy and financial sectors, creating a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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