“I have had many experiences; insults from people, and embarrassments”- ItIsBobby on being a TikToker

Dennis Da-ala Mirilla
How much will you pay to see ItIsBobby twerk on TikTok?

Ogbodo “Bobby” Onyedikachukwu, or as he is known on TikTok, ItIsBobby, or on the ‘gram, CapLord, is not the typical content creator to have emerged from the Zoom years of sheltering in place with loved ones. He can be best described as a cocktail of different content personalities.

There are videos of him engaging in very energetic Atigolwu dance, sometimes in collaboration with another fast-rising TikTok creator Mummy Chosen. There are videos of him in a dress and wig terrorising the streets. There is the loverboy persona breaking hearts and having his heart broken. Then, there is the favourite of his more than a million followers, videos of him twerking.

“I would just say I’m a versatile creator,” he told Technext recently.

How his journey started

"I’ve always taken my content-creating career seriously. It’s something I saw as my future, my destiny and my life."

Long before he became the popular TikToker, Bobby, from the very start of his journey on the internet, had strong convictions about being a famous content creator. From the get-go he took content-making seriously, anticipating his big break. It came, now in the form of 1 million TikTok followers and 249 thousand Instagram followers.

Like many of the TikTokers that have risen to fame in recent times, propelled by the lazy months of the pandemic, Bobby was having fun with content on TikTok. “I was doing some random TikToks then, just due to boredom; doing videos, lipsyncs, dancing and other types of Tiktok content,” he said.

But it’s his twerking videos that have struck a chord with his followers, drawing over 1.5 million to 4 million views per post. One afternoon after trying hard to make his big break, the idea came to him. He snatched his camera, his tiny radio, and with his bare feet, he hit the road and recorded himself twerking on the streets, shirtless in tiny shorts. It went viral, the video of a young man twerking in public for giggles.


Me or @Emeka Leonald ?🤣🤣

♬ original sound – Bobby

Hours after, the blogs started reposting the video, and then a rising musician reached out to him and offered 5000 naira to promote his song. It was the first time he would be making money as a content creator.

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“Blogs were reposting the video and tagging me. So many people followed me and an artist messaged me to use his song to create content. That’s the first money I made from content creation.”

It takes a great deal of courage to pause on the street to take a perfect picture for Instagram or speak to one’s camera while shopping à la the lifestyle blogger Dimma Umeh. How does Bobby don his dress, and wig and take to the streets twerking?

I do feel shy sometimes, of course, I’m not crazy,” he said of his twerking videos. “But you know, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Since it’s what moves more on my page, or rather, what people enjoy more on my page, I have no option but to do it.”

The realities of content creation

But after that first viral content, it was not all rosy for him. On the internet and in person, he has had to fight off a constant barrage of harassment and sometimes physical assault.

“I’ve had many experiences both the ones I can remember and the ones I can’t. It was not easy for me at all. At a point, I almost gave up. But I’m happy I didn’t take that step. I had many experiences, insults from people, and embarrassments. The one experience I can’t forget easily was when I go a swollen eye after one of my video shoots,” he said.

His father was not on board with his skit-making in those early days, and so when he got the swollen eye, he had to suffer in secret. “I had to hide it from him. I could not breathe properly after that shoot that day. My body was aching. I was bleeding through my nose. I had to go to my room, lock my door and pray to God that all my struggles don’t flop,” he said.

But now he has fully embraced all the aspects of his journey as a content creator; the acting, the dresses, the twerking and the singing.

What to expect from Bobby

He wouldn’t say what, but he is currently working on a big project that he hopes shakes the Nigerian TikTok ecosystem.

Something huge is coming soon by God’s grace. I can’t say for now,” he said. Right now, he just wants to focus on his content or as he puts it “anywhere belle face.”

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