6 new Nigerian podcasts that should be on your radar in 2023

Dennis Da-ala Mirilla
6 new Nigerian podcasts that should be on your radar in 2023

As the nascent podcast industry continues to figure out financially sustainable pathways to fund itself and pay its talent, away from traditional media profit-generating methods (adverts, paid content) and new ways of making money (live events, merch sales), new kids are on the block.

All through this year, a fleet of new podcasts joined the roaster climbing to the top of the list, landing top celebrities as guests at times, uncovering the realities of being famous and dating, or going back in time in an election to offer fresh perspectives to young Nigerians that have come of voting age.

Journalists, former editors, influencers and former reality tv show casts have all taken up the mic in the hopes of having honest conversations or elevating the national discourse.

But even at that, some podcasts that debuted on the distribution platforms so far this year have distinguished themselves with the content that they put out.

The podcasts on this list were chosen for sound quality, setting, content and impact. Already some of them are making waves, recently dominating social media and the news cycle for days.

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In no particular order, see below the podcasts that made our list:

White Paper Podcast

The Whitepaper Podcast is a celebrity/people-doing-amazing-things interview podcast. Already influencer Salem King, the famous chef, Chef Fregz and comedian EmmaOMG have dropped by as guests. The Whitepaper Podcast is hosted by Dami Oluwatoyinbo, a preacher and Christian content creator, and conversations range from everything from the laws of making millions to the tricks to living whole and spreading joy.

Politea Podcast

Away from the interview with celebrities is this fresh podcast by Madeaux Media, Politea. The name already speaks for itself. It’s spilling the tea in the Nigerian political scene. In each episode, Politea, which launched just before the elections, dives into the past, offering perspective on today’s political conversation. Hosted by the Arise TV presenter Laila Johnson-Salami, this one has our bet if you’re in the market for a quick dose of very surface Nigerian political history.

Love and Lust in Lagos Podcast

From the media company Chat and Banter, Love and Lust in Lagos is a relationship and dating chat podcast where guests join host, Pelumi for a deep dive into their experiences dating or not dating in Lagos. Topics up for discussion have included the meaning of situation-ships, to how to respect women in a sexual encounter.

Loose Talk Podcast

Hosts Osagie Alonge, Steve Dede and Ayomide Tayo are back behind the mic with a relaunch of the IT podcast Loose Talk. One of the oldest podcasts in the country, they left the mic (mostly) in 2018 when they went to pursue other careers outside of news media. Five years later and they are back with a reboot of the show. The new Loose Talk podcast from the studio, Global Village, is a social commentary show where everything from Nigeria’s cultural mediocrity, fuel scarcity, and tech journalism is up for debate.

These are the new podcasts on our radar so far in 2023

The Rants, Bants, and Confessions Podcast

Hosted by Caramel Plugg, Lydia, and Maliya, The Rants, Bants, and Confessions Podcast launched on February 14, Valentine’s Day, to controversy about what is an acceptable gift for a woman. Comments from the hosts immediately struck a lightning rod on the internet. Since then, The Rants, Bants, and Confessions Podcast has been leading the charge on transactional sexual relationships in the age of TikTok for young women. They’ve also segued into conversations around bullying, living fake lives and African parenting methods.

I Too Sabi Podcast

I Too Sabi is the other side of the conversation from the podcast network Twenty-Seven Productions, which also created I Love Girls. Less on the heaviness of I Love Girls, opting for wit and humour to tackle conversations on similar dating topics, handling fame and infidelity.

Is This Seat Taken: the pod

A spinoff of the very successful YouTube interview series by Chinasa Anukam of the same name, Is This Seat Taken: the pod uniquely offers the celebrity interview format. On the podcast, celebrities talk about what dating them is like, in a format that mimics an actual date. Episodes with rapper Ajebutter and Falz are already fan favourites.

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