Number of Threads active users plunges 50% in one week as user engagement dips

Threads’ daily active users had dropped to 23.6 million, marking a nearly 50% fall
Threads to launch desktop version and other features as retention rate drops by over 50%

A recent analysis of the early performance of the Threads app revealed that it still has a long way to go before it can seriously contend with Twitter’s dominance. Since the app’s launch only a few weeks ago, the number of daily active users has decreased by almost 50% which shows that it is having trouble keeping regular users.

The research by SimilarWeb claims that as of July 7, the Threads app had over 49 million daily active users on Android worldwide. However, this only accounted for approximately 45% of Twitter’s usage, which had more than 109 million active Android users on the same day.

Threads app usage drops by 50% just 13 days after launch
Source: SimilarWeb; During the rush (excitement) period

However, by July 14 just one short week later, Threads’ daily active users had dropped to 23.6 million, marking a nearly 50% fall and accounting for only around 22% of Twitter’s viewership. In terms of engagement, the app experienced the most activity in the United States, with users spending roughly 21 minutes on Threads on July 7.

By July 14, however, this involvement had reduced to a little over 6 minutes. This dip in usage had an effect on Twitter as well, with web traffic to dropping by 5% during the first two full days of Threads’ availability compared to the previous week. Despite a subsequent recovery, data for the most recent 7-day period show an 11% year-over-year fall in traffic.

Threads app usage drops by 50% just 13 days after launch
Source: SimilarWeb

Interestingly, Twitter’s daily active users on Android stayed rather consistent on the days when Threads drew the greatest attention. However, time spent on the platform decreased by 4.3%, presumably indicating that some users were looking towards the Threads app as an alternative. Despite this decline, the average total time spent on Twitter was still around 25 minutes.

These preliminary numbers indicate that the Threads app has yet to develop the traction required to compete with Twitter’s well-established user base. Even though the app remains the fastest-growing app with 100 million downloads in five days, It remains to be seen whether the app can overcome these obstacles and create a loyal and engaged user base in the future.

While a strong start makes Threads a contender among possible Twitter replacements, daily active users dropped from 49 million to 23.6 million in a week

From SimilarWeb report

Although the statistics primarily pertain to Android usage only as it is comparatively easier to track, unlike the usage on iOS, it, however, anticipates that figures for Apple’s iOS platform will be disclosed in the upcoming weeks.

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Can the Threads app overthrow Twitter?

With all of the drama that has erupted on Twitter as a result of Elon Musk’s (mis)administration, users have touted the need for a new microblogging app. While Threads has emerged as a promising contender, it still has a long way to go. Despite receiving more attention than other Twitter alternatives like the open-source Mastodon or the still-beta Bluesky, Threads has not yet established a consistent user base.

Because it is a spin-off from Meta’s Instagram business unit, the Threads app has managed to address the “empty party problem” that affects new online communities by allowing Instagram users to easily create a Threads account and seamlessly bring their existing contacts along.

This is one factor that might have assisted the Threads app in reaching lofty heights as the fastest-growing app, especially as Instagram on its own has over 500 million daily active users but it is still not able to retain its customers regularly.

The Verge also reported that users had already made more than 95 million posts and gathered 190 million likes, based on internal company data it had viewed within its first day of launch.

However, David Carr, senior insights manager at Similarweb, told CNBC that, “While there was intense interest in checking out the app initially, not every user has made a habit of visiting Threads as often as they might other social apps.

Even while the Threads app has positioned itself as a gentler, safer alternative to Twitter, and coming at a time when Twitter was imposing lots of rules and restrictions and forcing users to migrate and jump on the moving train, it still lacks several essential features and needs to provide users with convincing reasons to convert to the site or develop a new social media habit.

It is clear that the Threads app and its developers will need to make a concentrated effort to provide a seamless user experience and deliver distinctive value that sets it apart from the competition if they want to achieve that enduring devotion in a competitive social media field.

Although in a statement, Jasmine Enberg, principal analyst at Insider Intelligence said, Meta only needs 1 in 4 Instagram users to use Threads monthly for it to be as big as Twitter.

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