Big Brother Naija season 8: Mercy, CeeC, Alex, WhiteMoney and others return to the Biggieverse

Big Brother Naija season 8: Mercy Eke, CeeC, Alex, and WhiteMoney are back in the game

This week (and the next eleven ones) will be filled with premium entertainment, thanks to Big Brother Naija. With everything happening in the country, a distraction might not be a bad idea. Last week we had some very interesting gists that caused conversations on social media.

Davido’s “holy” dragging, Brymo’s inner thoughts that he shared publicly, and our Nigerian Barbie fans tried, but nothing could compete with the latest edition of our favourite reality TV show, Big Brother Naija; All-Stars.

As usual, this article has curated all the trends, including updates on the Big Brother Naija gist. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Big Brother Naija is back with a banger

Big Brother Naija season 8: Mercy Eke, CeeC, Alex, and WhiteMoney are back in the game

It all began as a mere joke, a playful idea, Big Brother Naija All Stars tossed around by fans, but as fate would have it, the “Big Brother Naija All Stars Edition” became a reality, captivating viewers nationwide. The live show brings together a remarkable gathering of old housemates from past and previous seasons.

For now, we are just getting to meet the housemates, and oh boy, among the Big Brother Naija All-Stars are familiar names that have left indelible marks in viewers’ hearts. We are having CeeC back in the game. While Tobi is not in the house this time, Alex is so the drama continues. Mercy Eke and Ike are in the same house, and Pere and White Money are in the same house. This cannot get any better, especially in social media Vauwelence HQ.

We also have some other housemates, including KiddWaya, Doyin, Frodd, Uriel, Pere, Princess, Soma, Angel, Neo, Alex, Seyi, Ilebaye, Ike, Venita, and Adekunle. Fans thought that winners and finalists would make up the All-star lineup, the only previous winners we can see are Mercy Eke and WhiteMoney. But who knows what Biggie has got up his sleeves?

As the housemates are reuniting and settling in for the next 70 days of drama and competition, online alliances have started forming, and old bonds were rekindled. We will see renewed conflicts and fiery confrontations, and I am here for it.

Let’s have it @Big Brother Naija.

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Davido dragged by the Muslim community

It’s a new week, and Davido is making headlines again. But this time, it’s not about baby mamas, it’s about a religious clash that’s got social media buzzing. The visuals of Logos Olori’s new single ‘Jaye Lo,’ released under Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), have caused quite a stir, especially among the Muslim community.

Many have found the content “offensive and disrespectful” to their religion, leading to a massive outcry against Davido’s promotional tweet. In the music video snippet shared on Twitter by Davido, people were seen praying and dancing in front of a mosque, which sparked immediate outrage.

Muslim faithful demanded that Davido take down the video and apologize for the perceived disrespect to Islam. However, Davido isn’t backing down without a fight – but not the kind you might expect. Instead of engaging in a war of words, Davido tweeted, “I wan make u show me, make we no dey fight.”

But the controversy doesn’t stop there! In another tweet, he cheekily hinted that he’s far from being “unavailable,” referring to his hit song. As social media erupts with divided opinions, fans and critics have begun attacking the people dragging Davido for fighting the wrong people.

Brymo in search of a Quid Pro Quo entanglement

In a candid confession, Brymo revealed that he declined to work with the talented artiste Simi because she refused to “get intimate” with him for the collaboration. His revelation shocked the industry, leaving fans and colleagues in disbelief.

As the news spread like wildfire, Simi’s husband, Adekunle Gold (AG Baby), expressed his displeasure on Twitter, urging Brymo not to disrespect his wife and family. He issued a stern warning to Brymo, telling him to “get help” and stay away from his beloved wife and family.

Social media became a frenzy as fans and followers took sides, debating the boundaries between professional collaborations and personal relationships. Amidst the chaos, many fans and fellow artists rallied behind Simi and Adekunle Gold, expressing their support for the couple. Meanwhile, others voiced concerns about the toxic culture that might exist within the industry.

The Nigerian Barbie-themed party

First of all, Nigerians genuinely know how to SLAY and serve looks. Just look at our outfits at previous entertainment events. But with the buzz around the Barbie premiere and the EPIC marketing campaign that’s been lit for days, we expected killer looks.

To be honest, pink and white which are the Barbie’s signature color are not so hard to pull off at least. When Europe had its premieres, celebs turned heads with their looks; although there were some confusing looks, hey, Nigeria took it to a whole different level with their own outfits to the premiere.

However, social media had a field day judging the outfits of our fabulous celebs. Some were totally on point with the theme, and we were LIVING for it! But, let’s be real, a few missed the mark… by a long shot. Who cares, though? It’s a free world, and everyone’s entitled to their own style, right? “

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