Missing crypto influencer Fernando Perez Algaba’s body found chopped up in suitcase

Temitope Akintade
Fernando Perez Algaba

The remains of Fernando Perez Algaba, the crypto influencer declared missing last week, have been found, according to reports on Thursday. A group of kids in Argentina found his dismembered corpse inside a suitcase, leading the police to begin a murder investigation. 

The crypto influencer, who flaunted his lavish lifestyle to almost one million followers on Instagram, had been reported missing since July 19th. However, on Sunday, some kids playing in a soccer field noticed an abandoned red suitcase near a stream in Buenos Aires Province.

The parents of the children alerted the Buenos Aires police, who inspected the package and found the victim’s legs and forearm inside. The law enforcement officers continued their investigation and found the rest of the 41-year-old’s body in another bag.

According to local reports, the body parts were neatly amputated, and Fernando Perez Algaba was recognised by the police based on his fingerprints and distinctive tattoos. An autopsy revealed that he died by gunshots before his body was dismembered.

Who was Fernando Perez Algaba

Per information gathered online, Fernando Pérez Algaba, 41 years, was a businessman and influencer that garnered wealth through his ventures.

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Those ventures involved renting luxury vehicles and engaging in cryptocurrency sales. He frequently advertised his crypto business ventures to his almost 1m Instagram followers.

Fernando Perez Algaba

During his entrepreneurial adventure, Fernando Pérez Algaba was said to have built a prosperous luxury automobile and jet ski rental business in Miami. Earlier this year, he moved to Barcelona, Spain and started actively trading cryptocurrencies. His crypto trading business had grown tremendously, and he reportedly employed over 25 people to help run it.

The influencer had been living in Argentina for about a week before the event that allegedly resulted in his murder. Algaba had rented an apartment, and the owner testified that he was supposed to return the keys on July 19. But he didn’t show up when he was supposed to, and phone calls to him went unanswered.

The police have arrested a suspect concerning the investigation into Fernando Pérez Algaba’s death. The precise reason for the suspected murder, however, has not yet been fully disclosed. 

Authorities have, however, expressed concerns that the influencer’s huge debts may have had something to do with his passing.

Fernando Perez Algaba’s debt problems 

A Marca report says his brother, Rodolfo Perez Algaba, who travelled to Buenos Aires to help locate him, claimed Fernando was going through severe economic problems due to the downturn of the crypto space and owed a lot of money to Argentina’s tax agency.

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Spanish media, La Nacion, also reported that Fernando had left a note on his phone explaining he had lost a lot of money in crypto investment and also alluded that he had taken up a loan from a Barra Brava gang in Argentina and that if anything happened to him, they had been warned.

Police have already arrested one person in connection with the murder and have stated that the investigation is ongoing.

There are growing sentiments among crypto enthusiasts that there has been a recent rise in the death of crypto millionaires and billionaires. It is up for debate if it is coincidental or not. However, here is a list of some of them. 

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