Super Falcons continue to soar at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Super Falcons continue to soar at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup

Last week was salary week, and this weekend was eventful with the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup, BBNaija, and many other incidents on social media. We’re still grappling with the aftermath of the fuel price hike, and $1 is now equivalent to over 800 Naira.

Anyway, enough about that. We have something to lift your spirits. The Super Falcons of Nigeria have done it again. This is the second time since 2019 that the team has made it to the second round of the FIFA World Cup.

So sit back, relax with a cold bottle of malt, and enjoy the latest instalment of the social media roundup.

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Super Falcons are flying high at FIFAWWC2023

Super Falcons qualify for the World Cup Round Of 16

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 has not received the same attention as the men’s tournament did at the tail end of last year, especially in Nigeria. However, despite the lack of widespread attention, the Super Falcons, Nigeria’s women’s national team, have been performing well and making their country proud.

Last week, the Super Falcons secured a memorable victory against co-hosts Australia with a scoreline of 3-2. This win marked their first triumph in the #FIFAWWC and was especially noteworthy as they defeated the 10th-ranked team in the world.

These ladies of the Super Falcons are breaking records and setting milestones. For instance, Asisat Oshoala has become the first Nigerian player to score goals in three FIFA Women’s World Cups, and Onome Ebi has appeared in six different editions of the tournament, more than any other African.

The Super Falcons are through to the knockout stages, without a defeat, in second place of Group B with five points from three games—big ups to the Super Falcons.

Super Falcons qualify for the World Cup Round Of 16

Will BBNaija Season 8 be a boring edition?

The BBNaija season 8 revolves around fights, banter, and quarrels. Instead of the anticipated unique strategies from the housemates, it seems they have resorted to fighting amongst themselves. While this approach may provide entertainment value, one wonders how long it can sustain interest.

During the BBNaija live show on Sunday, there was a noticeable lack of excitement, likely due to the absence of any interesting happenings in the house, just the usual fighting which reached a peak on Sunday morning after the party on Saturday. It’s almost as if that is what everyone knows how to do best.

Despite the lack of any eviction or new housemate announcements, we hope to see some changes in the upcoming week. We need the suspense that comes with the live shows. Perhaps everyone will better understand how to conduct themselves and implement their strategies more effectively.

And why was Showmax down?

Caramel and online dragging; 5 & 6

These few months have not been the best for Caramel Plug. Remember that unforgettable video of Caramel Plug, where she nonchalantly flaunted all the brands she wore for an event but declined to mention her dress? According to her, it was from a small Nigerian brand, saying mentioning the name would be free PR.

However, fans dug deep into the matter and uncovered the origin of that mysterious dress. To their surprise, it was discovered that she had struck a deal with the small brand owner to promote their clothing in exchange for a “free dress.” This led to an avalanche of criticism aimed at the influencer.

Feeling the heat from the backlash, Caramel Plug decided to take drastic measures to reclaim her online reputation. The influencer faked an anonymous account and pretended to be a courier delivering a package and lured the cloth seller, demanding a rectification whilst involving the police.

As word spread like wildfire, social media erupted with mixed reactions. Fans and followers expressed shock and disbelief, while others accused Caramel Plug of criminal offences. Although, Caramel claimed it was all a lie and accused the cloth seller of chasing clout.

Precious Gaza; Money over Friendship is not new thing

In March 2021, concerned friends came together to raise $200,000 to support Precious Gaza, a sickle cell patient and advocate, in getting a much-needed Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). The campaign received an overwhelming response from the community, with generous donations pouring in. £53,400.00 was raised through the GoFundMe platform, and an additional 33,000,000.00 was raised in Nigerian naira.

The support for Gaza’s cause continued to grow as more people joined forces on social media, both physically and spiritually, hoping for her successful healing. However, on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, Gaza’s friends made a shocking announcement on a new Twitter account that they had closed the campaign account and had no access to updates on Precious procedures.

Closing the account was due to allegations that Precious Gaza was mismanaging the funds and failing to be transparent and accountable. According to her friends, Gaza had cut off communication with them. However, Gaza claimed that she used some of the funds for personal matters, including taking care of her mental health.

The situation raised concerns about accountability in fundraising efforts and highlighted the emotional and ethical implications when supporting someone’s healthcare journey. Many people expressed disappointment and frustration, having trusted their donations would be used solely for Gaza’s BMT procedure.

The Koroye family matter in the social media Court of Justice

On social media, scandals come and go, but some leave a mark that lingers people cannot forget, just like the Koroye family’s saga. It all began when a video of Funfere Koroye, a man allegedly stalking and harassing his supposed “girlfriend” for years, went viral across various social media platforms.

Of course, the social media court justice wasted no time condemning his actions, and the internet quickly turned into an arena of name-calling, with accusations of narcissism flying left and right. But, just when it seemed like it couldn’t get any more intense, Koromone, Funfere Koroye’s sister, took up the mantle.

In an emotionally charged video, she distanced herself from her brother’s actions, claiming she was also a victim and had long severed ties with both Funfere and their mother. However, as emotions ran high, Funfere decided to do some “damage control” with receipts rebutting the claims and against his sister.

According to him, Koromone had been unfaithful and had hypocritically portrayed him and their mother as villains while secretly sending supportive messages. At this point, this is now a family matter, but who cares? It is online, and people have been giving their unsolicited advice on the matter.

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