Web3 Lagos conference 2.0 and its potential positives to Africa’s Web3 ecosystem

Temitope Akintade

The 2nd edition of the Web3 Lagos Conference is approaching and excitement is growing among prospective participants. The event, which will be hosted by Web3bridge, a prominent academy that trains web3 developers in Africa, will be coming up from August 31st to September 2nd at The Zone, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria.

It has already amassed over 2000 registrations from over seven African countries, seven European countries, the United States of America, and a country in Asia.

This and more are pointers to the fact that the event has enormous value and impact on web3 devs and blockchain enthusiasts that will attend.

Web3 Lagos Conference 2.0

In this year’s edition, there will be over 15 developer-focused workshops, and other workshops covering all areas of the Web3 ecosystem for newbies and those who are already established in the ecosystem.  

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Day 1 & 2 are the workshop sessions while the third day will feature keynote speeches from speakers around the world on a variety of topics. Discussions would border around account abstraction, smart contract audit, getting into blockchain, and finding and securing jobs. 

Web3 Lagos Conference
Partners and sponsors of Web3 Lagos Conference 2.0

To the delight of participants, there will be a 60-minute Q&A session with the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik  Buterin, and an African-focused web3 session. Also, there are going to be two sessions for Web3 startups at the event. 

Additionally, the Web Lagos Conference 2.0 will bring together startup founders and coaches, developers, product managers, designers, content & marketing experts, and others from diverse backgrounds. 

The lineup of speakers includes Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum), Kevin Owocki (co-founder of Gitcoin), Senator Ihenyen, Toyin Bamidele, Olatinwo Barakat, Kenechukwu Eze and others. All the speakers at the conference are active participants in the blockchain ecosystem and will be sharing relevant, up-to-date information and insight.

In addition to the formal interactions, the conference will be exploring evening side events to foster robust conversations and interactions.

Most importantly, the sponsors for the event include these top brands: Ethos (Metacartel), IQ wiki, Ethereum ecosystem support, Starkware, Base, Onboard by Nestcoin, Polytope Labs, Alphaday, Blockops, INTMAX, Coinex, QuillAudit, and Streameth.

What to expect at the event 

The conveners are confident that the topics that will be presented by the speakers, the discussions that will be held at the event and the workshops that would take place during the conference would all reflect the changes and disruptions that are currently taking place in the blockchain ecosystem.

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Web3 Lagos Conference
Participants at the 1st edition of Web3 Lagos Conference, held in October 2022

The Web3 Lagos Conference 1.0 which was held last October featured a hackathon that spawned many teams that are now building various projects that are beneficial to the blockchain ecosystem. In line with that, it is expected that this 2nd edition will create more value and solidify the conference’s reputation as a launchpad for future developments.

The conveners are confident that the conversations at the event will increase passion for contribution to the ecosystem. It is however important for everyone attending the conference to not get caught up in the hype but to connect, network, and contribute accordingly.

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