X(Twitter) launches Custom Likes, Hashmoji, and Hashfetti features

X(Twitter) launches three branded features: Custom Likes, Hashmoji, and Hashfetti

X, formerly known as Twitter is taking a decisive step forward with the imminent launch of three innovative features: Custom Likes, Hashmoji, and Hashfetti.

These branded tools are poised to revolutionize the way brands and advertisers connect with their audiences, aligning seamlessly with X’s overarching strategy of fostering enriched interactions while bolstering engagement and conversations.

Social media platforms have evolved from simple communication tools to active ecosystems for brands to create real interactions with their target populations in the digital sphere. Recognizing this shift, X has set out on a mission to provide companies and advertisers with solutions that go beyond the norm and leave a lasting impression.

According to a company post,

X has always been a place where brands and people come together and interact in meaningful ways. With X Branded Features, brands, and advertisers enhance these interactions on the platform while also increasing engagement and conversation around their products, services, or special events. By using Branded Features in combination with exclusive ad packages, brands can create unique experiences on X and engage with their audiences in a more personalized way. 

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The branded features X launched for brands and advertisers

Custom Likes – A personalized engagement

With this new feature, the usual like button on X will become a thing of the past. These brands and advertiser can now create their own special way of engaging with users. This means no more one-size-fits-all interactions. So, when an X user likes a post containing the brand’s chosen post, it pops up as the brand’s icon instead of the usual red-like button.

X launches three branded features: Custom Likes, Hashmoji, and Hashfetti

These customized likes will be visible on all kinds of posts – whether they’re from regular X users, brands, publishers, or anyone else – as long as they have the advertiser’s selected hashtag. This exciting visibility lasts for 24 hours, making sure your brand gets noticed.

According to the company’s blog post, the testing result for this feature showed a positive impact with a +277% lift in recall and a +202% lift in the purchase and consideration intent.

It is currently available in 31 countries including Nigeria but must be purchased as an add-on to a Timeline Takeover activation or a Timeline Takeover bundle (Timeline Takeover & Spotlight Trends) and Reach Block.

Hashmoji – A custom emoji

This feature allows brands and advertisers to create their very own custom emoji, which pops up on X every time a user shares a post with a specific hashtag. By embracing this Hashmoji feature, these brands not only become an integral part of ongoing discussions, they also weave themselves into the fabric of culture.

When a user uses a brand’s Hashmoji in a Post, the brand is being featured in a highly relevant, authentic way and helps brands stand out!

So, when a brand opts for Hashmojis, they’re choosing to make their mark on conversations in an authentic way. Also, whenever a user incorporates a brand’s Hashmoji into a post, the brand takes centre stage.

Hashfetti – A celebratory conversations

Hashfetti introduces an element of celebration and festivity to conversations by incorporating dynamic visual effects tied to specific hashtags. When users engage with a hashtag associated with a brand’s campaign, event, or promotion, the screen comes alive with a virtual burst of confetti, creating a moment of shared elation.

If you search #brandedfeature on the X platform, this is what it shows.

X launches three branded features: Custom Likes, Hashmoji, and Hashfetti

When Hashfetti is activated for a Hashmoji, the custom emoji will rain down on top of search results in a confetti-like animation whenever the activated Hashmoji has been clicked. The custom emoji is also slightly enlarged and multiplied allowing users more visibility of the design and the animation for 24 hours. 

The goal is to encourage users to participate more actively in conversations around brands and their initiatives, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collective enthusiasm. Hashfetti essentially transforms hashtags into interactive tools that not only categorize content but also add an element of delight, making them an integral part of brand communication strategies.

It is currently available on iOS and Web in 36 countries including Nigeria. However, according to the blog post, there is a possible expansion to Android in the future.

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