240000+ people sign online petition to ban Marlian Music after Mohbad’s death

240000+ people sign online petition to ban Marlian Music after Mohbad's death

Hi guys, how is it going? It has been a while and a long week in the social space. Many conversations have reached the trends chart but the death of Mohbad has thrown fans of Nigerian music in mourning.

But that is not all that happened in the music industry, Rema continued to take Afrobeats to the bigger stage by praising the genre after snagging up yet another international award.

Per our tradition, we have curated some of the top trendy conversations that made headlines in the social media space last week.

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Mohbad's death, Nigeria's music industry is full of cabals + other social media gist

RIP Mohbad

The Nigerian music industry has been hit hard by a tragic loss, and social media is filled with sorrow as fans mourn their beloved artist. Mohbad, a 27-year-old singer, passed away on Tuesday and was laid to rest on Wednesday in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Mohbad’s death has brought about several controversies, especially because he had an ongoing feud with his former boss, Naira Marley, after leaving Marlian Records in 2022. After the shocking news of Mohbad’s passing, more than 200,000 people have signed a petition to ban Marlian Music.

But that is not all, the whole matter is just a bit sketchy with different videos surfacing every day that question his death. Also, a petition dated June 27 alleges that Sam Larry and 15 others forcibly entered a video shoot location where MohBad and fellow artist Zlatan Ibile were working.

While everyone has denied knowing anything, Naira Marley has finally spoken up asking for detailed questions of all the incidents surrounding Mohbad’s death. He even changed his Instagram display pictures to Mohbad but fans seem uncomfortable at this gesture.

The Nigerian music cabal

Is the Nigerian music industry like a cabal? Since Mohbad’s death, many Nigerians have used social media to talk about how things work in the industry. They wonder if it’s like a cult with a leader and members who have to do whatever their boss says because they want money and fame.

Artists like LilSmart, who used to be with Marlian Records, shared on his social media account that he’s worried about dying young. Since then, other artists who left their labels in a bad way have also spoken out about how tough record labels can be.

People like ybnlprincess (Temmie Ovwasa) and Cynthia Morgan (now Madrina) have shared their experiences, especially for new artists or those who want to leave. This makes us wonder, was it the same thing Kizz Daniel went through with his record label? Someone who called the industry a “cabal.”

Mohbad's death, Nigeria's music industry is full of cabals + other social media gist

And of course, fans are talking about it too, breaking down the situation and calling out record label bosses for making the music industry seem like a corrupt industry. It even got worse as none of these big celebrities were even pushing on Mohbad’s case like the fans are. It is almost as if it is nobody’s business.

Rema, the face of Afrobeat

When we talk about Afrobeat being a big deal, we mean it! In the latest VMAs (2023), Rema’s song “Calm Down,” featuring Selena Gomez, won the award for the best Afrobeats song.

But that’s not all. Rema, one of Nigeria’s fastest-rising stars, has achieved something incredible with this song. It’s been listened to over a billion times on Spotify, which is a massive music platform. He’s the first African artist to reach this milestone on Spotify.

Read Also: Rema’s Calm Down becomes 1st African track to reach one billion streams on Spotify

No doubt, the link-up with Selena Gomez was a good one and for many of the Afrobeat OGs, it will require the right link-up and the divine grace to reach the height Rema has gotten to internationally.

Is sex tape the next trend?

It seems like every week, we’re witnessing a trend on social media where influencers and celebrities get criticized or dragged by others. It’s almost become a regular thing.

At this point, we have to wonder, is this just another way for them to get attention? Is it all about trying to become more famous? And then there’s the topic of sex tapes, too. People’s private moments have become like a meme and a video that travels faster than light itself.

Well, this week, it happened again. Moyo Lawal and two social media influencers faced this kind of criticism. But it’s not just about the individuals involved; it’s sparking a bigger conversation on social media.

People are talking about the impact of these situations and how we react to them. It’s concerning that some people seem to encourage and even praise these incidents. Some even think these actions are deliberate. But what can we say about it?

Genevive Nnaji is back

Genevive Nnaji’s happy comeback to social media has cleared away any worries people had about her mental health from last year. The famous actress showed up at the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of her new movie, “I Do Not Come to You By Chance.”

Last year, she worried her fans when she deleted everything from her Instagram and unfollowed everyone right after her birthday in May 2022. After that, she disappeared from the public eye.

Rumors from bloggers started flying around that she was going through a mental crisis and it was not looking good on her part. Although there was no message from her or her team debunking it or acknowledging it, fans had a field day fighting for their fav.

This year, she posted something on her Instagram, which was all we had heard from her until now. Her return to the spotlight has made her fans happy and relieved, knowing that she is doing well again.

Well, that is all guys.

See you next week!

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