Meet Naomi Gbamgbose; the 17-year-old empowering girls in STEM with ‘The Girls Techie’


In a world driven by technology, individuals like Naomi Gbamgbose are making a remarkable impact. Naomi, a front-end developer and AI enthusiast is not only embracing the digital age but also actively shaping its future.

She is the co-founder of “The Girls Techie,” a nonprofit, student-run organization with a simple yet powerful mission: to empower, connect, and inspire young girls in STEM.

Naomi Gbamgbose’s journey into artificial intelligence and the tech scene started with a passion for innovation. She seeks to harness the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize healthcare. What excites her the most about AI is the face recognition system, which she believes is a technology with the potential to change lives.

“I find AI face recognition exciting. I mean biometric authentication, enhanced security, efficient surveillance, and personalization.

“The combination of accuracy, convenience, and the potential for transformative applications makes AI face recognition an exciting technology with a wide range of present and future uses across various domains.”

Naomi Gbamgbose
Naomi Gbamgbose
Naomi Gbamgbose’s journey into tech and founding ‘The Girls Techie’

Naomi Gbamgbose dreamt of a career in the world of space exploration. However, during her secondary school education, she encountered Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and her life took a different course. In 2020, she boldly stepped into the world of tech, driven by a desire to influence that space.

She took up programming courses that can help her frontend and Python development such as Flask or Django, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and so on. These languages are essential tools that enable her to bring her ideas to life on the web and explore the vast landscape of artificial intelligence.

Naomi co-founded “The Girls Techie,” a group that seeks to bridge the gender gap in the digital world. It provides young girls with the knowledge and confidence to pursue careers in technology through mentorship, workshops, and outreach programs.

“The Girls Techie” prioritizes the promotion of camaraderie and collaboration among young girls. Through teamwork, the organization seeks to boost morale and provide a platform for girls to stretch their abilities and elevate their profiles.

Working in teams not only facilitates the release of creative ideas but also fosters a stronger sense of belonging. Moreover, it taps into the innate human tendency to work together for the common good, nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment.

The Girls Techie also places an emphasis on innovation within its community. Young girls are encouraged to stay in an environment that values innovation and creativity. This approach enables them to generate more effective processes, products, and ideas. It provides a space where new concepts can be explored, and services can be improved.

Naomi Bamgbose; the 17-year-old empowering girls in STEM with 'The Girls Techie'

Another crucial facet of Girls Techie’s core values is leadership development. The organization aims to instil confidence in girls and strengthen their communication and negotiation skills. Through leadership training and experiences, girls can develop character traits that not only enhance their personal lives and relationships but also set them on a trajectory for success in their future careers and business endeavours.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, individuals like Naomi serve as beacons of inspiration. Her passion for technology, commitment to empowering the next generation of female technologists, and her vision for the future of AI in healthcare remind us that when passion meets purpose, the possibilities are limitless.

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Overcoming challenges as a tech teen

In her journey into front-end development and Python, Naomi faced a series of challenges that tested her determination and dedication. She has had to learn how to debug errors, comprehend complex programming concepts, and troubleshoot some of the popular issues in web development and Python projects.

Similarly, becoming proficient in two distinct domains, frontend development, and Python programming at such a young age, presented the challenge of navigating steep learning curves very quickly. Grasping the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python syntax demanded time and effort.

Naomi Bamgbose; the 17-year-old empowering girls in STEM with 'The Girls Techie'

Balancing responsibilities added another layer of complexity to her journey. As a co-founder of “The Girls Techie,” Naomi needed to manage organizational duties alongside her personal growth as a developer. This required effective time management and multitasking skills, pushing her to refine her abilities further.

She recognized the need to keep pace with the latest advancements in frontend frameworks, Python libraries, and AI trends. It was a relentless pursuit of knowledge to remain at the forefront of technology.

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