Octa presents “Explore Forex Trading”: A comprehensive beginner’s guide to Forex trading

Octa presents "Explore Forex Trading": A comprehensive beginner's guide to Forex trading

Octa, a leading name in the forex trading industry, is proud to announce the launch of its new book, “Explore Forex Trading.” This insightful beginner’s guide to forex trading has been made available to book enthusiasts and aspiring traders alike through a captivating book display at three prominent Roving Heights bookstores across Nigeria.        

The book display aims to provide individuals with a valuable opportunity to delve into the world of forex trading without any cost. Patrons are invited to visit the Roving Heights locations to explore the contents of the book and enrich their knowledge about this exciting financial market.

“Explore Forex Trading” is not available for purchase; however, visitors to the bookstores will be treated to an array of freebies. To acknowledge the community of book lovers, Octa is offering complimentary bookmarks and laptop stickers for all visitors. People with young ones are also welcome, as they can pick up a forex-themed colouring book, free of charge.

Aspiring forex traders will find additional support through the pamphlets available at the book display. These pamphlets contain valuable information that will guide interested individuals on the crucial steps to becoming a successful forex trader. Whether one is new to trading or seeking to enhance their existing skills, these pamphlets will serve as a roadmap to success in the forex market.

“Explore Forex Trading” by Octa

“Explore Forex Trading” promises an engaging read, delving into the intriguing tales of individuals who have made remarkable profits in forex trading, as well as those who have encountered the biggest losses. By sharing these experiences, the book aims to equip readers with valuable insights that can help them navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with forex trading.

One of the standout features of “Explore Forex Trading” is its meticulously curated list of recommended reading materials for aspiring forex traders. These books have been carefully selected to provide readers with a deeper understanding of the intricacies and nuances of the forex trading profession.

“We are thrilled to present ‘Explore Forex Trading,’ a book that covers the essence of forex trading and offers valuable guidance to beginners,” said Vince, the PR Lead for Octa. “Through this book display, we hope to ignite curiosity and interest in forex trading among Nigerians while providing them with essential resources to pursue this rewarding career path.”

The book display is set to run for one month, offering ample time for book enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of forex trading. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights into the fascinating world of forex trading.

Octa is an international broker that has been providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers commission-free access to financial markets and various services already utilised by clients from 180 countries with more than 42 million trading accounts. Free educational webinars, articles, and analytical tools they provide help clients reach their investment goals.

The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charitable and humanitarian initiatives, including the improvement of educational infrastructure and short-notice relief projects supporting local communities.

Octa has also won more than 60 awards since its foundation, including the ‘Best Online Broker Global 2022’ award from World Business Outlook and the ‘Best Global Broker Asia 2022’ award from International Business Magazine. 

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