Nigeria has one of the most expensive internet plans in the world- Report

Godfrey Elimian
Nigeria's internet plans among the world's most expensive, averaging $46.4
Nigeria’s internet plans among the world’s most expensive, averaging $46.4

According to a recent study conducted by Picodi Nigeria’s analyst team, Nigeria is among the countries with relatively expensive internet plans and access. The average cost for a 100 Mbps internet plan in the country is $46.40, with 1 Gbps broadband being a rare offering. This places Nigeria in the upper half of the global ranking for internet prices.

While the worldwide average internet speed stands at 85 Mbps, the study revealed that the most commonly offered bandwidth globally is 100 Mbps. Nigeria aligns with this trend, where 100 Mbps is one of the most frequently provided internet speeds by internet service providers (ISPs). However, compared to other countries, Nigeria’s 100 Mbps bandwidth is priced at $46.4 per month on average.

The affordability analysis looked into what kind of internet bandwidth can be obtained for $20 per month in different countries. In Nigeria, $20 can only provide an average internet speed of 15 Mbps. In fact, among the countries considered and ranked, Nigeria only tops Venezuela and Tajikistan.

Nigeria's internet plans among the world's most expensive, averaging $46.4

Additionally, the study reported that the costs of gigabit internet have decreased by an average of 15% over the past four years. However, 1 Gbps internet plans are still uncommon in Nigeria.

According to Picodi, the report considered the largest internet service providers offering unlimited home internet access via fibre or the most advanced technology available in each country.

The prices included in our ranking are valid after the end of the promotional period. We omitted offers with different packages of services, such as internet + TV or internet + access to paid subscription services.

We also did not include smaller ISPs offering their services only in a few regions or cities. If router rental was an additional cost, we added it to the internet prices. The differences in prices of the 1 Gbps bandwidth in 2023 and 2019 were calculated in local currencies,” the report says.

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More on the Internet plans report

Per the report, although the average internet speed worldwide is 85 Mbps, it turns out that to watch movies in the 4K UHD quality on the biggest streaming platforms, a bandwidth between 15 Mbps and 50 Mbps is sufficient.

For the countries with the most expensive internet access, the report showed that 100 Mbps costs the most in Norway ($79.4/month on average), Iceland ($62.1/month), and Australia ($61.8/month). On the other hand, the lowest prices for the 100 Mbps bandwidth were noted in Russia ($5.6/month), Ukraine ($6.1), and Romania ($6.4).

Internet plans globally

According to the ranking, 34 countries, including most of Western Europe, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, dropped off the list of countries where ISPs do not offer internet access at $20 per month.

The report which also considered countries with unearthly internet speed, that is, where ISPs offer 1Gbps, showed that in some of these countries, such high bandwidth is a luxury available to few: For example, in the Philippines, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, the 1 Gbps internet speed costs $100 or even more.

In Nigeria, 1 Gbps bandwidth is not a commonly offered option.

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Recently, a report released by ranked Nigeria the 31st country with the lowest cost of data or data price globally. The country has an average price of 1GB of data at $0.39, (N390, using an exchange rate of N1000).

While this places the country among the league of countries where data is affordable compared to some other nations, significant disparities exist within the country itself. The cost of 1GB of data in Nigeria ranges from as low as $0.13 to as high as $1.64, showing the diversity of pricing options available.

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