Africans can now use Google Gemini for Search Ads; here’s how 

Temitope Akintade
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Businesses and companies in Africa can now deploy the recently launched Google Gemini AI, to create effective Google Search Advertisements, per a release sent to Technext on Monday.

According to the statement, the Google Gemini AI-powered chat-like tool for Search Ads which was first announced in January is now available across Africa and is now fully operational. The tool is designed to help businesses in Africa and across the world boost their online visibility.

The innovation key benefits consist of analyses of websites, and suggestions of impactful keywords and ad copy tailored to African audiences. Also, the tool can automatically source for images and create images for visually engaging ads. Importantly, businesses can retain control by reviewing and approving all elements.

In January, Google announced that as part of Gemini’s core product expansion, the tool was being tested for Google Ads. The company said Beta access to the conversational experience in Google Ads was fully available to English language advertisers in the US and UK but it would begin to roll out globally to all English language advertisers subsequently.

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Now on Monday, Google has announced that the tool is available for African businesses.

More on the Google Gemini development 

The Google conversational experience could take the complexity out of ad creation and empower businesses of any size to easily craft campaigns that resonate with local audiences especially in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa, where internet penetration is rapidly increasing and the ability to effectively reach customers through online advertising is becoming increasingly crucial for business growth.

To get started, a user has to provide a website address, and Google AI will automatically analyse the content. Google Gemini AI generates relevant keywords, ad headlines, and descriptions, inspired by a business and its target region.

Additionally, Gemini can pull visuals from a website or create new ones and importantly, advertisers can review and approve all AI-generated elements, ensuring ads reflect their brand.

Comment from stakeholder 

According to Shashi Thakur, VP & GM of Search Ads & Ads on Google Experiences, creating effective ads can be time-consuming, especially for small businesses.

He said: “Our new conversational experience helps businesses of all sizes tap into the power of Google AI to create successful Search campaigns with remarkable ease.”

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Businesses using this conversational experience in Google Ads are reportedly 42% more likely to publish Search campaigns with ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ Ad Strength.  

This strong ad quality has been shown to directly increase conversions and the development is part of Google’s broader initiative to empower small businesses in Africa and globally, by facilitating the creation of impactful Search ads. 

By automatically generating headlines and descriptions based on existing website content, Google’s AI enables ads to dynamically respond to relevant searches. This adaptive approach ensures that small businesses can effectively capture the attention of potential customers, enhancing their visibility in search results. The conversational AI experience for Google Search Ads is now available globally for English-speaking advertisers, with plans to extend support to additional languages in the near future. 

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