These 9 apps will be affected by the newly released Apple Intelligence AI tool


Every year, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) sets the stage for the future of its software ecosystem. Developers eagerly await the unveiling of tools, features, and operating system updates that will shape the future of Apple devices.

This year’s WWDC has not been different so far. While the event primarily caters to developers, its announcements have a ripple effect, impacting the user experience and functionality of the countless apps users rely on for work, entertainment, and communication.

Apple introduced Apple Intelligence, a new feature for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that combines advanced AI with personal context to provide useful and relevant assistance. Integrated into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, it uses Apple silicon to understand and create language and images, perform app tasks, and simplify daily activities.

With Private Cloud Compute, Apple ensures top-notch privacy, balancing on-device processing with powerful server-based models on dedicated Apple silicon servers.

We’re thrilled to introduce a new chapter in Apple innovation. Apple Intelligence will transform what users can do with our products — and what our products can do for our users,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

Apple Intelligence - WWDC 2024
IMG: Apple

Our unique approach combines generative AI with a user’s context to deliver beneficial intelligence. And it can access that information completely private and securely to help users do the things that matter most to them. This is AI as only Apple can deliver it, and we can’t wait for users to experience what it can do.”

Before you get too excited about trying out the new Apple Intelligence features on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad, let us check under the hood. Apple revealed the system requirements and they are a bit stricter than you might expect.

Only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are officially invited to the Apple Intelligence party. That means all other iPhones, even those capable of running iOS 18 (basically any phone Apple released between 2019 and 2023), won’t be able to experience these new features. Ouch! That might sting if you’re a recent iPhone 15 buyer who just got their phone within the last nine months.

The iPad and Mac have similar requirements. They’ll need an M1 chip or later to run Apple Intelligence.

From health and fitness apps to productivity tools and even games, various app categories could be significantly influenced by the tools and updates revealed at WWDC 2024.

Let’s take a look at apps that may be affected by the new AI capabilities:

1. Venmo = Tap to Cash

Apple’s new feature, Tap to Cash, revolutionises person-to-person payments on iPhones. Imagine the ease of AirDrop, but instead of sharing photos, you’re sending money instantly and securely.

Just tap your iPhone against another iPhone, enter the amount, and voila! The transaction is complete. This surpasses the limitations of physical wallets.

Tap to Cash on iPhone replaces apps like Venmo

Venmo, known for its social features, allows users split bills with friends, add comments to transactions, and even build a social feed around spending.

It offers a level of convenience and security compared to cash, but its interface and processes might not be as seamless as Tap to Cash’s simple tap-and-pay approach.

2. Grammarly = writing assistant

While Apple’s built-in editing feature might seem like a competitor to Grammarly at first glance, the impact is likely to be nuanced.

Apple's built-in editing seems like a competition to Grammarly

Grammarly also offers advanced suggestions for clarity, sentence structure, and plagiarism. Plus, Grammarly works across devices and integrates with many applications.

Apple’s writing tool might benefit Grammarly in the long run. By raising user awareness of grammar, Apple could lead some to explore more advanced tools like Grammarly as their writing needs grow.

For those in need of in-depth editing, plagiarism checks, or human feedback, Grammarly will likely remain the go-to option.

Besides, Samsung already does this, with the Galaxy S24.

Samsung's Writing Assistant
IMG: Samsung
3. and every ChatGPT Wrapper

At WWDC 2024, Apple may have thrown a wrench into the plans of AI writing assistants like Copy AI. Apple’s unveiled AI introductions surpass these ChatGPT Wrappers, potentially allowing iPhones generate similar content natively.

This could steal the convenience thunder of these AI tools, forcing them to innovate or stay only with Android.

4. Midjourney/Facetune = Image Wand feature/Clean Up tool

Apple’s Notes app is getting a visual upgrade with the Image Wand, but will it steal the thunder of artistic AI tools like MidJourney? Not quite. The Image Wand seems more like a helpful note-taking assistant, turning your scribbles into clear visuals.

It’s unlikely to churn out award-winning art like MidJourney, which thrives on complex descriptions to craft detailed, artistic creations.

Will Magic Wand/Clean Up affect MidJourney?
IMG: Mashable

These tools cater to different audiences. Apple targets students, professionals, and anyone who wants to jazz up their notes without venturing into complex editing territory. MidJourney empowers artists, designers, and creative minds conjure unique visuals through text prompts.

So, instead of a battle, this might be a case of peaceful coexistence. Apple’s update could spark a broader interest in visual note-taking, potentially leading users to explore the artistic possibilities of AI tools like MidJourney down the line.

Ultimately, Apple’s Notes update injects a shot of visual creativity into everyday tasks, and that could benefit the entire AI art landscape in the long run.

Facetune is a photo editing app known for its precise tools for skin smoothing, blemish removal, and facial feature enhancement.

Apple’s Clean Up tool, however, seems to target a different need. It likely focuses on removing unwanted background clutter, like a stray photobomber or an unsightly power line. Yet, Facetune may seem a little disappointed now, especially looking at ten years ago:

5. Call Recorder apps: etc.

While Android users have had access to call recording for some time, this marks the first time Apple is offering this AI-powered capability to its users.

Record and transcribe a live call directly from the Phone app.” The call recording iOS 18 feature will be available in English, in the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, and Singapore, and in Spanish in the U.S., Mexico, and Spain. The feature will also arrive in France, Germany, Japan, China, and Brazil in their native languages,” Apple said in its blog.

Apple introduces AI-powered phone call recording feature
IMG: Mashable

When you answer or make a call, you can now enable recording on your iPhone. All participants will be notified that the call is being recorded, so there’s no confusion or surprise. Everyone will be aware of the recording right from the start. Your iPhone will also provide a transcript.

The option to record will soon be available on the live call screen alongside familiar buttons like “End” and “Mute.”

So, bye to call recorder apps on iPhones. After all, having it baked right into the system is undeniably convenient.

6. Calculator apps = Maths Notes but just on iPad

Well, get ready for a smarter, more versatile iPad with iPadOS 18. Finally, a native Calculator app arrives on iPad, complete with a Math Notes feature. Write out equations with your Apple Pencil and watch the Calculator solve them in real-time.

This comes with enhanced handwriting tools in Notes. Whether you jot down quick ideas or craft detailed notes, your handwriting will appear smoother and more legible.

Apple, at WWDC 2024, introduces Calculator app for iPad
IMG: Apple

Scientific calculators, graphing calculators, and those with financial functions will likely remain in demand for users with specific requirements. Many existing apps offer features like unit conversion, data plotting, or integration with other productivity tools, functionalities Apple’s calculator might lack.

Apple’s entry might not be a death knell, but a starting point. It could introduce more users to the iPad’s potential for calculations, potentially leading them to explore the diverse world of third-party calculator apps for their specific needs.

7. 1Password and competitors = Passwords app

Apple’s new Passwords app throws a jab at password manager heavyweights like 1Password. With passwords now a tap away in a dedicated app, Apple is making password management a breeze for iPhone and Mac users.

This could lure some users away from third-party options, especially those who find iCloud Keychain clunky.

At WWDC, Apple introduced a Password app to replace keychain
IMG: Apple

1Password and its kin might not be sweating just yet. But, the Passwords app also includes alerts for users regarding common weaknesses, such as passwords that are easily guessed or used multiple times and those that appear in known data leaks. So, one or two drops of sweat may come out.

8. Athlytic/AllTrails and other fitness apps = watchOS 11

Fitness app makers like Athlytic felt the heat at WWDC 2024 with the unveiling of watchOS 11. Apple is packing its smartwatch with features like a Vitals app and a wider range of workout metrics.

This could tempt users away, especially if the built-in options fulfil their basic needs.

Athlytic might see a dip in users who relied on it for core metrics like heart rate variability (HRV) and sleep metrics.

WWDC: watchOS 11 displaces Athlytics and co
IMG: Apple

watchOS is the world’s most advanced wearable operating system, supporting Apple Watch users throughout their day to stay healthy, active, and connected,” said David Clark, Apple’s senior director of watchOS Engineering.

This fall, watchOS 11 makes Apple Watch an even more essential companion by offering users additional actionable insights into their health and fitness, more personalisation to fit their unique needs, and new ways to stay connected while on the go.”

The Health app can help users better understand their data during pregnancy by making adjustments and recommendations to reflect changes in their physical and mental health.

We can’t argue for Athlytic and co on this one. But, what about the AllTrails App?

AllTrails and other outdoor adventuring apps might feel a slight tremour with the release of watchOS 11.

However, AllTrails can still blaze its trail. By emphasising its unique features – curated trail maps, user reviews, and potentially even offline functionality – AllTrails can stay relevant for users who crave more than basic tracking.

Advise from us?

AllTrails can focus on those with a passion for adventure, providing valuable tools like route planning, elevation profiles, and features to connect with the outdoor community.

9. Magnet = macOS Sequoia

Magnet, the popular window-snapping app for macOS, might feel a wobble with the arrival of macOS Sequoia.

Apple’s built-in window management features could lure some users away, especially those who need a basic way to snap windows to specific screen zones.

masOS Sequoia displaces Magnet
IMG: Apple

macOS Sequoia comes with Apple Intelligence, iPhone Mirroring (that will displace Bezel), big updates to Safari, and new games.

Exciting new updates by Apple

Coloured icons – from the 90s: The introduction of coloured icons in Apple’s iOS 18, announced at WWDC 2024, has sparked some discussions regarding its originality.

The ability to change app icon colours and place icons and widgets anywhere on the home screen is a feature that some say harks back to customisation options available in operating systems from the 90s.

Historically, operating systems like Windows 95 allowed for a high degree of customisation, including changing the appearance and placement of icons. This kind of customisation has long been a staple of user personalisation, making the recent updates in iOS 18 feel like a modern revival of these older features.

Others include:

  • Multiple emojis in iMessage from WhatsApp
  • Scheduling messages from Telegram
  • Inbox categorisation from Gmail
  • Photos grouped and memories from Google Photos
  • Apple TV ‘insights’ from PrimeVideo

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