The Paga Wallet Account is Designed to Bring Convenience to Banked Customers


Paga Wallet is an E-Wallet service that people can use to make payments online. You can use Paga to send money to anyone, transfer to any bank instantly, pay for goods or services. Founded in 2009 Paga is focused on solving these problems for all consumers — banked or unbanked, and businesses.

Paga’s Founder, Tayo Oviosu

According to Founder, Tayo Oviosu, over the next few weeks there would be several groundbreaking features that would be available on the Paga wallet especially for the ‘Banked’ customers.

3 Key Ways Paga Would Bring Convenience to Banked Customers.

The first way is that for banked consumers, the Paga wallet is like a companion to your bank account. Paga is a  PCI DSS Level 1 certified platform.

This certification means that all your card and bank data saved on Paga is secured to the highest level of global security. So, rather than exposing your bank/Credit or Debit card details to websites you can use your Paga wallet instead.

Secondly, you can now you can now save your bank/cards (local and international) on Paga. You can also link your bank accounts to Paga.

NOTE: Not all banks can be debited, but all can be credited.

Now when performing transactions on Paga you can choose how you would like to fund the transaction (s) using either the cash in your wallet from the linked bank account or saved on your card. This means that you no longer need to pre-fund your Paga wallet to use Paga. You can easily add a new bank or card when you need to transact.

Add a new account or card when you need to transact.

Finally, when you link your bank account to Paga you get free withdrawals from Paga to that linked account. This means that you can leave your cash in Paga knowing that you can move it to your bank account anytime you want for free and it is immediate.

Note, you can also send money from any bank into your Paga wallet instantly using your Paga NUBAN number. From your bank account select “transfer to other banks instant” and pick Paga from the list of banks, use your Paga NUBAN as the account number.

With all these features available, we can safely Paga is a safe platform for you to carry out your transactions.


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