4 Free Task Management Tools for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Anderson Ozakpo
4 Free Task Management Tools for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

At some point in our professional, business or personal lives, we may realize we’ve started losing track of tasks or activities. Finding the right tool to track your to-dos or activities is highly personal as one man’s fool is another’s cousin; some offer more awesome value than others.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a junior level employee or in a management position, you’ll find at least one of these task management tools of great value.

Why Do I Need a Task Manager?

I used to think I was great at handling tasks as they come, but if like me, you get caught up in this mental deception, you’ll spend too much time on some tasks and ignore some, even the most important ones. Task Managers are like grocery lists; they keep you in check, preventing you from going round and round in circles when in a grocery store. Tasks Management saves you time, energy and gives you a clear mind. It also helps managers and entrepreneurs in monitoring their employees’ activities, workload and performance.

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Now that you know, let’s consider 5 free awesome task management tools suitable for entrepreneurs and professionals.


I first saw Evernote when I got my first HTC phone. For me, it’s one of the best apps and a lifesaver; audio recording, photos and attachments, all in one place. With Evernote, you can create lists, add comments, pictures files, audio notes and much more. It’s simple and practical for recording your ideas anytime and anywhere. Additionally, there’s the possibility of syncing across all your devices.

The shortfall of this app is that it’s not so great for keeping track of due dates/priority or for sharing tasks between teams. And just so you know, there is a plus plan that costs a little but I use the free version and it works for me.

Google Keep


If you’re looking for a place to quickly make and save lists and notes and access them across multiple devices, Google Keep is a very great tool to do that. I just discovered this amazing tool not too long ago and most of the people I have told about it never knew it existed. It is very useful, especially if you have a Gmail account; Google Keep is just a simple notepad that connects to Google Drive where you can keep all your files in one place.

The amazing thing is that reminders are built in and you could also save things off the web.Lastly, it’s absolutely free—with love, from Google.


Process management can prove quite easy with this tool as it is a completely cloud-based process management tool that allow users centralize all organization’s processes in a single place. From Sales and Marketing to Software Development and Operations, the flexible structure of this tool allows you to start your own process from the scratch, adding triggers, rules, automated emails and even do much more.

Although Pipefy seems a little bit too complex for most users, this tool is highly intuitive. In fact, some users believe it has an easy-to-use interface and allows you determine clear execution standards for each of your separate processes.


ToodleDo is a very user-friendly task management tool for organizing simple to-do lists on your iOS and Android devices as well as on the web. If you are heavily focused on task management, then you’ve met the right tool. For each task, you can sub-tasks, include additional notes, priority ratings, due dates, and reminders. You can also organize your tasks into different folders.

Although built for task management, this tool allows users to take notes, create outlines, and even track their habits.

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There are several other amazing task management tools but with those, you’ll have to pay a token for subscription.  Some of these tools include Todoist which adds gamification just as Habitica, Wunderlist (that is somewhere between Todoist and Google Keep), Any.do, and many others.

None of these tools is self-operating, but if they can work for a lazy fella like me, they sure will work for you. Which is your favourite for download? If  I omitted your favourite, share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.


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