Meet Mobile Waiter; Aisha Hussaini’s Startup Making Food More Accessible for the Past Three Years

Meet Mobile Waiter, a Three-Year Old Food Delivery Startup Operating Out of Covenant University
Mobile Waiter

Food is very essential for every human being. But for many people, the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle makes it hard for them to prepare their own meals. Thus they don’t eat what they want, when they want and how they want. Bankers, for example, hardly get free time to eat the food they want. Many times, good restaurants are just too far away. They just can’t go there and enjoy their meals without the risk of resuming late at work.

But one startup is trying (and largely succeeding) to make these issues go away and simplify feeding.

Meet Mobile Waiter, an on-demand food delivery startup established by Odunayo Aisha Hussaini.

Mobile Waiter makes it easy for people to order the meals they want and have them delivered as quickly as possible. Using its mobile app, well-prepared food can be delivered to customers within 30 minutes.

For now though, the startup operates in only Ogun State, particularly in the student environment of Covenant University, Ota.

Mobile Waiter started in 2015, and over the last three years, the startup has grown impressively. Its value is not yet public knowledge but according to a blog post the startup has quadrupled its orders over the last three years. It has grown from processing 800 orders per day to processing around 4,200!

How Mobile Waiter Started

The three-year old food delivery company was founded by Odunayo Aisha Hussaini. Aisha founded Mobile Waiter when she was just 17, and was a student of Covenant University, Ogun State.

According to her, Mobile Waiter was actually conceived way back in 2013, but failed to launch due to lack of funds. However, after successfully gaining admission into the university, Aisha joined the Covenant University Creative Thinkers Association (CUACT). The CUACT encourages members to develop business and tech ideas and helps them fine tune it into viable businesses.

Over at CUACT, Aisha pitched Mobile Waiter to the group in October 2015 and to her surprise, the idea was accepted.

“I received an email from the Vice Chancellor’s office to say that Mobile Waiter was selected,” she wrote on her blog. “People were building drones and heart monitoring hardware devices. I couldn’t understand why we were selected.”

CUACT provided the initial funding for Mobile Waiter. According to a blog, this was in the region of N400,000.

Since she graduated, Aisha has been working hard to ensure the business remains afloat. So for now, expansion might not be a primary objective. With the increasing rate of unemployment, Aisha is certainly one woman showing today’s youths that they can indeed create their own jobs.

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