5 Innovative Techniques of Quality Lead Generation Through Interactive Content

Anderson Ozakpo
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Creating quality content is very essential to generating loyal readers and it constantly evolves in the attempt to meet the demands of modern businesses.

Today, the more interactive your content is, the more people are willing to consume it over and over again. So if you need your blog posts to generate more leads or you are looking for tips to turn more readers into loyal email subscribers, then this article is right for you. Highlighted in this article are innovative picks for you to drive more loyal consumers to your online content:

1. Videos

People easily relate with what they see. This makes video a key element of content strategies. Videos have the potential of captivating and amusing audiences. This quality makes it easy for a video to go viral. It is estimated that by 2018, about 80% of all internet traffic will be videos.

You can add more value to your quality video content by making it interactive. You can do this by offering your audience content upgrades after they’ve seen the first recording. You can also maximize applications and platforms to circulate your videos. A good example is the use of YouTube annotations, which lets users go from one video to another. Furthermore, you can direct them to go from the video itself to one of your external URLs, thus creating a valuable link to your homepage. This is a great means not just to drive traffic but also for lead generation.

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2. Quizzes

Quizzes are perfect lead generation tools because they are highly interactive and engaging. Quizzes can cover all sorts of topics: from very serious subjects like technology, inventions, international politics and economy, all the way to some simple issues such as the best restaurants or where to see the best movies. The trick here is, once you grab the users’ attention, they would very likely be willing to share basic personal information which they would usually not share. First things first, you get the user to answer all questions and then you ask for their basic information in exchange for results.

3. Infographics

Infographics are graphic visual representations of data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. Because of its ease of consumption, this method of content creation is getting more popular recently as marketers now use it 800% more often than two years ago.

Unlike the other steps, to drive interaction from your audience, you have to ask the users to give you feedback about the data that you showed them. Their answers, if carefully analyzed can be used to improve content, design new products or improve the infographic itself.

You can also customize or properly reference your infographics (to drive back traffic to your platform) and make your infographic easy to share in different file formats. As long as the information in the infographics remains relevant, people will keep sharing which will drive traffic to your website and help in lead generation.

4. Offer a Supplemental Content Upgrade

A content upgrade is bonus content that your readers receive in exchange for their email address. Content upgrades are similar to lead magnets in that you encourage people to opt in. They’re powerful marketing and lead generation tools because they’re relevant to both your article and the intent of your readers.

Qualities of a Valuable Content Upgrade:

  • It speaks to one specific audience, addressing their most pressing pain point
  • The content upgrade must be relevant to your post
  • Boil down the main points of your blog post into a checklist or give readers the option of saving content as a PDF

5. Surveys

Surveys and opinion polls are great ways to engage and get feedback from your audience. It is best if users answer one or very few questions from your survey. It could be about product knowledge, knowledge sharing, generating data or general introduction of your business. The smarter the tool and questions, the greater your potentials to generate more engagement and leads.

Conclusion: Quality content is king! However, it is not enough to rely on old methodology so you must constantly be acquainted with the latest industry trends and use simple and proven lead generation models. In this article, we explained 5 innovative ways to generate leads through interactive content that you could use to grow your business. Give them your best shot and don’t forget to tell us how they worked out!

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