5 Great Social Media Marketing Tools Anyone Can Use

Anderson Ozakpo
5 Great Social Media Marketing Platforms

The traditional system where customers go to the market is quickly being replaced with new digital markets that come to customers wherever they are.

Modern marketing and advertising models are highly dependent on an excellent social media strategy. Designing and sharing engaging content on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter attract new prospects which eventually become new customers to your business.

In this article, we will consider social media marketing tools that will help you design captivating professional content for posts, understand what type of content is most popular with your customers, measure performance and while you are at all of these, save time!

Consider These 5 Great Tools

For small businesses looking to maximize all available resources, you should try out these cool, easy-to-use social media tools to get better results on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms.

1. Hootsuite for proper structure

Managing more than one social media account manually can be challenging and very time-consuming. Hootsuite saves time by allowing you to manage all your social feeds through a single dashboard.

5 Great Social Media Marketing Platforms

Features: Connects 35 different social network platforms depending on your payment plan. Bulk scheduling of multiple posts. Real-time analytics and brand monitoring tool that allows you pick up all the chatter surrounding your product or service.

Hootsuite offers three different plans based on annual billing, as well as a 30-day free trial with the option to discontinue the service anytime.

2. Canva for stunning creatives

5 Best Online Easy Image and Graphic Editors for Unskilled Users.

Stunning professional visuals are key to getting attention on social media. Canva stands out amongst many image and graphic editors that can help you design high-quality, professional content for social posts, infographics and general graphics design.

Features: User-friendly interface, tons of in-built templates with a multitude of designs, fonts, styling and illustrations.

3. Animoto for eye-catching videos

Nothing is more captivating than simple yet captivating motion visuals when it comes to social media marketing. Your businesses will be able to send far more engaging and powerful brand messages through videos. This is where Animoto brings your animations and visuals to live. You don’t need to be skilled or an expert in motion graphics. Animoto allows you compile and edit videos for social media promotion.

Features: a very simple drag-and-drop user interface, a lot of preinstalled design templates etc. Animoto offers three different plans as well as a 14-day trial period.

4. ContactUs for digital and marketing campaigns

As the name suggests, ContactUs allows businesses to gather contacts and helps businesses turn those leads into long-term customers. ContactUs puts repetitive marketing tasks such as email marketing and drip campaigns on auto pilot.

5 Great Social Media Marketing Platforms

Features: provides in-depth customer information, enables personalised sales campaigns, allows customer feedback regarding your business and allows you to understand what works and what doesn’t.

5. Google Analytics for interpreting traffic

Using all the tools above is nothing if you don’t track the impact of your overall effort. Google Analytics can provide comprehensive insights on traffic, demographics, conversions (completed actions), subscribers and more across social platforms. Knowing your numbers, your market data and understanding subscriber behavior is critical to stay competitive.

Features: clearly shows you the source of your leads, analyses the engagement your business has across social media platforms and online content etc.

Almost all your customers are on social media, meet them there!

There is no exhaustive list, but these tools can help save time, increase your efficiency, automate routine tasks and design stunning content that will capture the target audience. How you use these tools is greatly dependent on your need.

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