#BroomChallenge- We are not Killjoys, But is February 10 Actually the Only Day Brooms and Mops Can Stand Upright?


There is a good chance that you have taken out your broom or your mop yesterday/today to join in the #BroomChallenge going viral on Twitter. Confession time, we admit to joining in the fun as well.

#BroomChallenge: is February 10 the Only Day Brooms Can Stand Upright?
Well, our editor tried it out and the broom stood even though today is 11th

But did NASA give any information about the earth’s gravitational pull having a special day on February 10? Well, they did not, because we did not find any information from NASA attesting to that.

Recently, the faceapp challenge also went viral and it was fun while it lasted

However, many people didn’t mind if it was actually a scientific reality or a common ruse and have taken the challenge up. Some tweeted videos showing their frustration at brooms that were proving too stubborn. Others tweeted videos of themselves gaily dancing with cooperative brooms and mops.

The #BroomChallenge actually began yesterday. The story behind it is that, according to some NASA findings (which obviously don’t exist), on February 10, brooms and other peculiar items would be able to stand upright without assistance due to a change in the earth’s gravitational pull.

The back story also has it that this gravitational mystery is a rare occurrence happening like once every ten to twenty lifetimes. How lucky are we to have it in our lifetime, no?

People responded to this challenge for the thrill of doing something that would allegedly only be able to happen once in a blue moon. Twitter was flooded with pictures and videos of people getting creative with brooms, pans and mops.

With the dark news of coronavirus that has been hanging over the globe for quite some time now, it must have come as a welcome relief for people to turn the attention to something fun, even if for 24 hours, however incredibly fantastic the #BroomChallenge is.

If you want to try out the challenge, it is safe and good fun. However, you should know that it has nothing to do with the equator, the gravitational pull of the earth or any statement from NASA. Today is February 11, and the brooms and mops are still standing.

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