AltSchool adds content creation, music business, others to its expanding curriculum

AltSchool Africa team

AltSchool Africa has enlarged its offerings by including content creation, sales, and music business – using Afrobeats as a case study, in its curriculum. The new courses will fall under the newly-created Creative Economy and Business schools. The skill-to-market platform also invited applications for the first cohort of the above study areas. 

This move follows an amazing 40% completion rate in its inaugural year. According to a press statement shared with Technext, AltSchool contracted a handful of popular names to run the new courses. The duo of Nigerian musicians, Falzthebahdguy (Folarin Falana) and renowned content creator, Mr Macaroni will be facilitating sessions at the creative economy school as partner tutors. On-air personality Do2tun (Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode) will serve as the Creator Relations director.  

Meanwhile, the business school will have Nigerian film director, Nora Awolowo, award-winning journalist, Joey Akan, and content creator-cum-medical doctor, Aproko Doctor (Chinonso Egemba) as facilitators. 

Adewale Yusuf who doubles as Co-Founder and CEO of AltSchool Africa commented on the announcement. He revealed that the platform selected the industries (creative economy and business) mainly because of their impressive growth and the desire to help people launch their careers in those areas. 

Backing Yusuf’s explanation is a Statista report that projects the music streaming market to hit $362.50 million in 2023.  The content creators market is also one to watch. Four months ago, Technext analyzed a report that shed light on how digital creators had become employers of labour. 

In Africa, many individuals earn low salaries due to a lack of essential job skills training. However, our platform aims to make a positive impact by connecting individuals with the necessary skills for the job market, enabling them to grow and reach their full potential. By doing so, we aspire to contribute to a brighter future for the continent,”  

Adewale Yusuf, Co Founder and CEO of AltSchool Africa

Platforms like AltSchool Africa offer a growing tech-curious population the chance to upskill and boost their chances of landing a dream role. However, many of these initiatives mostly rely on investors or bootstrap their efforts. Given the finite options above, many stakeholders typically advocate for government support.

Adewale Yusuf, CEO and Co-Founder of AltSchool Africa
Adewale Yusuf, CEO and Co-Founder of AltSchool Africa

When asked what government backing would do for AltSchool, Rachel Onoja, the Head of Operations, said that government funding would accelerate their efforts to reach millions of learners in Africa.

For instance, the AltSchool for Schools (or AltX) project is an initiative that helps secondary schools and tertiary institutions on the continent to bring their curriculums into the 21st century by leveraging our learning programs and infrastructure. With government support, we can significantly expedite the process of reaching learners across the continent,” Onoja explained. 

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AltSchool navigating the prevailing burden of course fees 

Despite the attraction of tech careers, particularly the financial aspect, learning is often expensive. Given the current economic situation of Nigeria and other countries in the continent, courses with hefty price tags are typically considered to be out of reach.

Keen to know what AltSchool is doing to make its offerings available to the average learner, Technext asked Onoja for comment on the topic. She said that AltSchool prioritizes the need to enable learners to easily grasp the marketable skills it teaches. As such, the platform has repeatedly made amendments mainly regarding the affordability factor.

However, we are well aware of the existing socio-economic conditions that could hinder learners from enrolling in any of these courses. Similar to our diploma programs, we will explore ways to provide discounts and partner with key stakeholders for potential sponsorships,” she concluded. 

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