From Farmcrowdy to Thrive Agric, Here are 6 Agric Investment Platforms With Healthy Risk and RoI Levels


They say saving is good but investing is better. While investing in stocks are not bad, it can, however, quickly become a 50-50 affair. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, Nigerian stocks fell last month, with an All Share Index of 26,216.46. This is its lowest since February 2017.

Agriculture, however, remains a very viable sector begging for investors. There are some credible Agric investment platforms that you can invest your money through. We decided to bring you four of the ones with lesser risks and the most promising Returns on Investment (ROI).


Since its launch in 2016, FarmCrowdy has grown to become trusted by investors and farmers alike. The Agric investment options on Farmcrowdy allow people to be part of farming ventures ranging from poultry to ginger, tomatoes and other farming ventures.

Depending on what the selected venture is, the ROI can range from 11% to more or less, and investment period can extend to 6 months or more. As a way of keeping its investors informed, Farmcrowdy provides updates on their ventures two times every month.


Farmcrowdy has a mobile and web application that investors can open accounts through. From the app, people can stay informed of what investment opportunities are available per time and keep track of the investments.

Some investable products listed on Farmcrowdy’s website are Maize, poultry farm, cassava, soybeans and rice. For further inquiries, mails can be sent through this link.

Thrive Agric

This agro-investment startup makes it possible for people to support agricultural ventures by investing in farms at specific seasons. Investors earn a return on their investments depending on the duration and the amount they invest.

Thrive Agric funds farms that plant rice and soybeans. They also engage in poultry farming among other things. The startup has a mobile application that people can use to make new investments or monitor ongoing ones.

An investor on the platform, Habeeb Bayo described the platform as awesome. “It is easy to use and farm funding is very fast.” Similarly, another investor, Peace Eromonsele says “The app is great as it makes it easier to access services. Thrive Agric is a great place to invest money.”

Agric investments on Thrive Agric mature between 3 to 9 months and returns range from 6% to 25%.

EZ Farming

EZ Farming doesn’t refer to itself as just an Agric investment platform as it chooses to pride itself as the first-ever farm accelerator in Nigeria. EZ Farming describes itself as a ‘modern agricultural investment company empowering generation Z to farm with ease.’

EZ Farming aims at empowering youths through agriculture

Launched in 2018, the platform aims to connect youth farmers to investors and provide a platform for Agric investment. Investors can earn between 11% to 45% on their investments, depending on their investment portfolios.

EZ Farming currently doesn’t have an app although it has an active website. The company has also received a great deal of funding as well as multiple awards.


Farmkart allows people to invest in its livestock farm which is located in Ogun state. Investments on this platform can yield returns of up to 30%. The platform’s livestock farm includes ventures such as poultry and fishery.

From Farmcrowdy to Thrive Agric, Here are 6 Agric Investment Platforms for You
FarmKart fish farm

Some of Farmkart’s Agric investments are for a period of 6 months, while some are for 12 months. Others still may be for lesser or longer periods. Prospective investors can click here to invest.

Besides its website, Farmkart does not have a mobile application that users can monitor ventures and track investments with.


With Farmfunded, people can invest in agribusiness ventures which include trading of commodities. Some of the commodities traded by the platform, as listed on its website, include rice, groundnut, maize and ginger.

On Farmfunded, you can invest in Agric products like ginger (image: Farmfunded)

Its Return on Investment range from 13% to 30% depending on what investment unit is available. There is currently no mobile application available for FarmFunded.

People who want to invest in the ventures listed by FarmFunded can do so from here.


This agro-investment platform also allows people to invest in agricultural ventures through its platform. As at press time, investment units in the available farms, most of which were rice farms, had been sold out.

ChubiAgro deals mainly in rice investments

However, ChubiAgro states on its website that it is 100% insured and listed a Return on Investment of 22% for some of the Agric investments listed. According to ChubiAgro, one unit of investment in a rice farm costs N50,000.

Currently, ChubiAgro has not released a mobile application for people to access its services. Thus, its website as the only interface for doing business. However, regular mails are sent out by the startup and further enquiries can be made here.

In conclusion…

While there are other Agric investment platforms, the five listed above are all insured. They are worth checking out in the bid to find credible investment opportunities.

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