Breaking: Favour Ori Steps Down as WeJapa CEO Following Allegations on Twitter


The Founder of job sourcing platform, Wejapa, Favour Ori has stepped down as CEO of the company following a barrage of allegations levelled against him by some Nigerian developers on the social media for days now.

The development was announced in a tweet by Favour in response to the allegations levelled especially around his dealings with developers and other members of the tech community over the past 3 years.

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According to the statement, Favour will be stepping down to allow for an independent investigation to be conducted. In the interim, the co-founder and COO of WeJapa, Hauwa Aguillard will take over the reins of the company.

Favour Ori Steps Down as WeJapa CEO as Fraud Allegations Heats up the Tech Space

Favour Apologizes but Claims Innocence

Replying his accusers, Favour apologised to all those he had wronged. He agreed there were situations that he did not conduct himself properly as a professional while communicating with developers. He promised to take full responsibility for his actions.

However, he claimed innocence in the same statement that he had not committed any fraud.

Favour Ori Steps Down as WeJapa CEO as Fraud Allegations Heats up the Tech Space

The “TechPuppi” Discussion Heats up

Details as to how the accusation will proceed was not disclosed but several big wigs and influencers in the space have shared their opinions on the scandal.

Tech influencer, Victor Asemota appealed that the accused needed help and guidance, not destruction. He added that investors were already committed and the platform he created was doing something good. His appealed was met with mixed reaction.

“I had a conversation with the young man involved in the current controversy this week. He just needs guidance as he started building a community like @markessien. He has investors committed already. The community should come together to help and not destroy him.”

Victor Asemota, tech influencer

On his part, Ezra Olubi, the co-founder and CTO of Paystack said that WeJapa isn’t the only company exploiting developers. He added that he heard many stories of employers treating employees or contractors like shit without consequences.

“This situation is not limited to fringe companies like WeJapa. Many of your favourite startups are similar, or worse. Just ask a friend working at anyone about their experience(s).”

Ezra Olubi, the co-founder and CTO of Paystack

On the other hand, some people wondered why the developers waited this long to report the cases of abuse. Victor Asemota, for instance, noted that it was the shame-factor that made people take similar treatments in silence.

On his part, Robert Thas John, CTO of CoLab feels the challenge stems more from low self-esteem. According to him, people generally fall for such treatments because they do not have the sense to walk away when they sense danger.

I think people hate themselves so much that they allowed themselves to fall for a scam. It took me five minutes of looking to tell you that nothing made sense, and when things don’t make sense you walk away.

Robert Thas John, CTO of CoLab

In sum

Overall, Favour’s announcement has been met with varying reactions. Some online commentators- like Deji Akomolafe and George Ikwegbu- believe it is a commendable start towards restitution.

While some others like Adetunji Mustapha feel its just damage control, a ploy to lessen the impact of the outcry and hope it dies down. He is not alone, Dayo another user feels his response is similar to the Tizeti scandal.

Despite the scepticism of some Nigerians on the question of if justice will be served. The statement by Favour restates the possibility of forcing executive actions with mass reactions and the need for social justice in the tech space.

We await how the story unfolds.

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