App Review: Omomi Gives Mothers and Guardians Access to Excellent Child Healthcare


If you have ever had to take care of a baby, then you definitely know how it feels to have a small life dependent on you. I mean, babies cannot talk and tell you how they feel, what is wrong with them, if you should or should not be worried or if they need to see a doctor with immediate effect. A lot depends on the mother or guardian’s ability to understand a baby’s symptoms and interpret its actions correctly to make sure the child is in the most comfortable situation.

I remember when I was younger and my baby sister would not stop crying. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why. My mom was not around and I was honestly afraid she was in serious pain until a neighbour told me to check if she needed a change of nappies and that fixed it. Don’t blame me, I was still very much young then. 

As my story showed, having a community that can relate to taking care of babies and give timely advice when necessary is something every parent or guardian should have and that is the major reason behind the Omomi app.

Mobicure developed the maternal childcare app as a solution for parents when they need to reach out to medical experts about their babies or lean on a community of other parents for necessary wisdom. In this review, I used the version 2.0.1 of Omomi and here is my experience with it.

Care for your child from an app

Omomi has an array of features that can help you take better care of your child. From the app, you can chat with a doctor who specialises in childcare as well as access medical services that help you to track and monitor your child’s growth. With the services, you can also manage baby’s diarrhoea as well as undertake a host of other activities.

One of the best features of the app is the community of parents that it provides. Here, new and inexperienced parents will find access to people with more experience than themselves. They will also have the advice they get screened by Omomi’s medical experts who serve as a means of quality control for information that is shared within the community. 

How to use Omomi

I installed the app from the Playstore and created my own profile. There was a glitch while I was trying to do that because my account was not created after the first three attempts. I took a shot and guessed that the username I typed was already taken and surely enough, that was the problem.

Based on that, I would recommend that the Mobicure developers find a better way of letting people know what and where the error is so that they can fix it and get things moving. Some other person may not have the patience to keep trying to create an account and may not even know that something as simple as a username is the reason why the account is not being created.

After my account was created, I opened up the dashboard and explored my options. As I earlier mentioned, I could chat with a doctor, access the medical services, review a hospital or just rub minds with the community of parents. 

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To chat with a doctor, just click the option that says “Chat A Doc” and it asks you to subscribe to a plan that works for you. I will explain the subscription plans shortly. Once you subscribe, you can book a one-on-one appointment and consult with a doctor about your medical need.

Next, I checked out the medical services option by clicking on the icon labelled “Medicals”. I could do any of three things: manage diarrhoea, get health facts, or use the maternal calculator. The diarrhoea management feature asks questions about how your child is faring with the illness and advises on a way out based on your answers. You have to fill the child’s details in the biodata section in your profile before the features in Medicals will work properly.

Maternal Calculator can be used by women to either calculate their due delivery date or ovulation period. the Health Facts section does just what its name suggests; provides health facts that can have a positive impact on the baby.

The community is always open and you can send a message or reply to questions from other people as well as join discussions that are ongoing.

Pricing and subscription plans

To chat with a doctor, you have to subscribe to any of the plans available. You can either pay N600 for a 1-week subscription, N1,000 for 2 weeks, N2,000 for 1 month or N5,000 for 3 months subscription. Whatever you choose, you can pay with card or through your bank in which case you would be required to provide banking details.

App Review: Omomi Provides Access to Excellent Child Healthcare

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‘The app is great but not all services are working’ – user reviews

Many parents find the Omomi useful and say so on the PlayStore. But a few users have some complaints about it. One user, Olawunmi Ayinke, said while the app is great, some of its functionalities just aren’t functioning.

“Good app with a nice concept, however, most of the functionality doesn’t work. The diarrhoea management and growth monitor calculators don’t work.”


Personally, I did not experience any glitch while using the diarrhoea management feature. It is, therefore, possible that the problem has been fixed or Olawunmi did not use the Medicals feature properly. Note that the child’s biodata has to be filled in the profile section before the features in Medicals can be accessible.

Another user, Therrie Eduoh, said, “Its a useful app. I’ve been having problems paying for subscriptions with my card, when I try to fill in the expiring date, it doesn’t display all twelve months and years above 2020. please fix that.”

A third user, Tizila Mugabeni said, “Exceptional on the go service. I recommend this app to all mothers, fathers and guardians.”

Speaking about the community, Charles Akhimien said, “Great app. Mothers community is priceless! You have a burning health question and you ask it, a doctor will answer you within minutes.”

In summary, the Omomi app and services are much-needed for mothers and child care providers. Its community of experienced mothers and paediatricians is awesome. The app solves the challenge of access to child healthcare nicely and the developers are committed to its development. You should check it out here on Android, and here on iOS.

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