Nigeria’s Helium Health acquires UAE based health-tech company, Meddy


In what is being described as a rare occurrence, Nigeria-based health technology startup, Helium Health, has acquired Meddy, a Qatar-headquartered and UAE-based doctor booking platform for an undisclosed amount.

Helium Health is the largest Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Hospital Management Information (HMI) Systems provider in West Africa. Apart from providing a doctor booking platform and telemedicine product to manage bookings and patient reviews, Meddy offers marketing solutions for hospitals to improve their online presence and attract new patients.

Speaking on the acquisition, Adegoke Olubusi, Chief Executive Officer of Helium Health said the company has always been open to strategic acquisition opportunities.

 “Our business model has primarily been robust organic growth, but we always remain open to strategic acquisition opportunities. Meddy is an ideal complement to our existing business model; the right company, in the right location, at the right time.

Adegoke Olubusi, Chief Executive Officer of Helium Health

Helium Health

Nigeria's Helium Health raises $10M Series A for Africa expansion |  TechCrunch

Helium Health was founded in 2016 by Adegoke Olubusi, Dimeji Sofowora and Tito Ovia. It initially started as a platform for core electronic medical records (EMR) and hospital management solutions in Africa.

It has since evolved into offering a wider suite of services to its customers. For hospitals, the platform now allows them to track analytics, maintain a digital payment system and apply for loans for their facilities. The startup also allows health facilities to have a telemedicine platform, reaching out to patients through virtual means.

The health tech startup currently operates in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia, Kenya and Uganda and has onboarded more than 500 healthcare facilities. Over 7,000 medical professionals from these facilities now provide care to more than 300,000 patients monthly. Helium Health has raised $12.2m in funding till date.

Meddy acquisition

Nigeria's Helium Health acquires UAE based health-tech platform, Meddy

Meddy is a UAE-based doctor appointment booking service that allows users to search for medical care facilities in their region and book appointments. The service was initially launched in Qatar and currently operates in UAE as well.

It was co-founded in 2015 by its CEO, Haris Aghadi and COO Abed Alkarim Khattab. Meddy currently serves more than 150 private clients within the UAE and Qatar. The company has facilitated over 200,000 doctor appointments while enabling healthcare providers to generate approximately $130 million in billings.

The acquisition is a strategic one for both companies as they can now cover a broader range of health services. Healthcare in the GCC is set to grow rapidly. Investment in digital infrastructure will account for 30% of healthcare investment in the region between 2023 to 2030.

Using the services of both companies, appointments booking, marketing solutions, EMR and hospital management information systems can be carried out in a one-stop shop.

According to Helium Health CEO, the next plan is to figure out how better to serve the GCC market and at the same time, roll out telemedicine and doctor booking services for its clients in Africa.

“Over the next few months, a lot of what we’re doing is being able to better roll out these consolidated product suites in our markets and serve them more. I mean, we want to double, triple the growth of our client base over the next two to three years and extend our reach even further to make sure that Helium Health is the top health tech provider in the GCC region just as it is in Africa.”

Adegoke Olubusi

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