App review: Can A1 Tutor offer ‘the best grades for all subjects’ as it claims?

Onyinye Okonkwo
*Another feature of the A1 Tutor app is the forum where users can ask questions or discuss any part of their lessons
A1 Tutor App
App review: A1 Tutor promises to bring learning right to your home 

Ever wanted to prepare for A’levels without going to a physical lesson? Needed to keep your wards and kids studying without having to carry around physical books? The A1 Tutor app may be available to solve those problems.

A1 Tutor is a learning platform targeted at secondary school and A-level students – one that aims to make learning fun, interactive and easier for students.

The app promises users access to their well-crafted video lessons, quizzes, online/offline CBT mock tests, and past questions and solutions, and has over 20,000 downloads from Playstore and Apple Store.

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About A1 Tutor

The app was launched in January 2022 by Olanipekun Paul Kayode, who said in an interview:

“In my experience from working at different levels of teaching and learning in Nigeria, I observed a shift in how we learn in the last decade. Previous generations took pride in their ability to read bulky texts while the Gen Z are digital learners who are inclined to stick to their gadgets. My major objective is to take learning to a medium where learners can be engaged to learn enthusiastically.”

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What the app promises

The A1 Tutor app promises easy, accessible learning to its users, learning devoid of distraction. Users can also set the pace of their learning, and can take as much time as they need to understand a lesson on any subject, before moving on to other lessons or subjects. 

SS screen shot A1

The app promises to be built to be a learner-friendly and dependable tool for learning.

The A1 Tutor app claims to have over 20,000 quizzes, mock tests, lesson notes, instructional videos, all specially and carefully designed for students in Primary School, Junior Secondary School, Senior Secondary School, University Foundation Programs (A’ levels), and Exam Preparation in compliance with the approved Educational Curriculum. 

Performers analysis, expert trainers and tutor live chat are features available on the app. 

subjects A1

What users are saying

Michael Anthony

Wow! what an exciting app. It has taught me a lot and improved my academic life by making me put more interest in my study, and I haven’t been able to see any errors while using the app, but the only problem I have is while watching the videos as the tutor is tutoring if peradventure you perhaps happen to pause the video for just a few seconds you will find out that the video won’t be able to play again, except you start all over again, so please do something about it.

Jerome Okoro

Guy, this app is just an excellent work! Little by little difficult things become simple! (mostly only if there is data 😞) . But unfortunately, I didn’t see “calculus”, in maths. I’d love to go deeper in calculus.

Rebecca Oluwoye

I have no problem with the app only that most of the things I have problems with especially chemistry are not in the app whenever I try to play the video it just says coming soon and that pisses me off because I am preparing for jamb so please let it come sooner please I beg of you.

Esther Fave

So far, I don’t have issues with the app and this is the first app about education that to my surprise works how it’s supposed to, and the video classes are very explanatory I really enjoy using the app and I promise to recommend the app to my friends and younger siblings🥰😊

Rosemary Danison

The app is nice, I love it I would have given it five stars, but the problem is that most of the video lessons are not playing😥 Please try and fix that.

Does the app live up to its promises?

The first impression one has of the app is that the user interface is impressive.

An impressive feature observed is that the lessons on the app when downloaded can be accessed offline. 

But, the lessons on the app do not all come free, yet are affordable with a 3-level subscription plan.  

A1 payment plan

Anyone with a good phone and data subscription can have access to quite a few of the lesson videos which can be downloaded to be listened to as much as is needed by the student. 

The app offers two categories which are senior secondary school ( SS1- SS3), and A levels (Cambridge, IJMB,JUPEB).

Under the senior secondary school category, seven subjects are currently available on the app including English language, General mathematics, Literature-in-English, Government, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Another feature is the forum where users can ask questions or even discuss any part of their lessons.

Speak to a tutor

What we think

The A1 Tutor app may be overpromising.

It does not offer any subjects to junior secondary school students. The senior students lessons it has include only seven subjects with no commercial subjects like economics, commerce or accounting available on the app.

The A’ Levels segment has even fewer subjects available including general mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology which are purely science subjects.

Another observation is that while the tutors of the subjects are clear enough in speaking, there is yet room for improvement in the pronunciation of some of the instructors.  


A1 Tutor app has great potential as an e-learning platform but there’s room for improvement.

 We recommend:

  • an increase in the subjects offered;
  • Include lessons for junior secondary school

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