How Edekee connects business owners, content creators with consumers using video tags

Edekee’s mission is to connect people to products

Founded by Paul Onaodowan, CEO, and Mavino Michael, CTO, Edekee’s mission is to connect people to products. The company offers video streaming and tagging services that helps business owners, manufacturers, and content creators tag brand products and services in videos.

The startup guarantees this connection by providing brand awareness and engagement for businesses by creating a tool for recognition of products and services in a phygital (physical plus digital) space that offers a seamless e-commerce access; which is their unique value proposition.

The startup, which categorises itself as an Ad-Tech company, has recently raised $300,000 pre-seed money from Tekedia Capital which has helped the release of the MVP version on both Android and iOS as well as its APIs to third-party companies.

Edekee has also filed patents for its novel video-tagging technology.

What Edekee offers

Boundaryless Commerce: This makes it possible to connect your products to videos across the web in video streaming platforms, and allows customers get access to brand products and services on videos using their API.

For Manufacturers: Edekee gives customers Direct Access to you, your products and services on video across the web.

For Content Creators: using the Edekee app can make you VISUALLY INDISPENSABLE as a content creator. You can bring your creative ideas into reality through your videos, earn money for your creativity and also get a brand endorsement.

Businesses: This product can be your personal SALES MACHINE to help you sell at ease. Having a visual shop on Edekee gives your business access to a global customer base, this service helps you showcase and get your products automatically tagged and purchasable on videos.

Logistics: Logistics companies can use Edekee by making their services available to customers who will need the products purchased from vendors on the platform delivered to them.

With Edekee, regardless of the product or service of interest, while watching a video, every pixel is given meaning. 


The company is currently in talks with a series of big players in the African video streaming and e-commerce spaces to utilise its technology.

Edekee is also working on various projects including Project Msingi, the maiden and foundational project for the company which is already winding down.

With Project Msingi, the startup targets the Video Commerce industry and has succeeded in building a video streaming app which is a digital vending machine that enables users identify and purchase products they see and love while watching videos.

Associated APIs are also available for licensing to third-party environments.

Edekee plans to expand across Africa and seeks to partner with other players in the industry in other to leverage its critical and strategic video tagging technology.

As part of its future plans, Edekee seeks to harness the possibilities of using AI, RFID and iot technologies to not only become a major player in the advertising & tech industry but to continue to set the pace for the future.

In line with this plan, Edekee would be officially launching its Video Streaming App and exhibiting its product and services at the upcoming IOT West Africa conference and exhibition taking place on the 21st- 23rd of June in Lagos, Nigeria.

Edekee plans to utilise its intellectual property in building innovative solutions for phygitally boundary-less product and service recognition as well as their associated e-commerce access.

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