BBNaija 2023 jury nomination system seems too biased for social media fans

BBNaija Jury nomination might just be too biased for the audience

While I get the direction BBNaija is steering toward in this year’s season, perhaps it’s high time we bid goodbye to the weekly BBNaija Jury nominations. People have begun to suspect that sentiments might just be creeping into their judgments, tainting the essence of the show.

The past couple of weeks have seen a recurring pattern: a housemate finds themselves at the bottom of the votes chart, only to be miraculously rescued by the jury. This has sparked accusations of favouritism, raising a perplexing dilemma.

Have audience votes lost significance, or have the BBNaija juries veered off-course, swayed by personal affiliations rather than unbiased discernment? What exactly is going on here, Big Brother?

Uriel evicted from the BBNaija Season 8 show

BBNaija Jury nomination might just be too biased for the audience

In last night’s live show, the BBNaija featured a group of former housemates, including Teddy A, Diana, and Laycon. And as usual, they were entrusted with the responsibility of selecting one individual for eviction from the house.

Sadly, Uriel emerged as the nominated housemate for eviction. However, this decision has raised eyebrows, particularly because Seyi, despite receiving the fewest votes, managed to survive elimination once again, a recurrence of last week’s events.

At this point, we need to know how the BBNaija jury is eliminating these housemates and the process required because it is apparent that fans are growing increasingly discontent with the choices being made.

It is time for social media clout chasers

BBNaija Jury nomination might just be too biased for the audience
Photo Credit: The Nairobi Review

Just a few weeks ago when Eniola Badmus took decisive action against a clout chaser who baselessly accused her of involvement in illegal activities, another incident emerged involving a well-known Tiktoker named Linda Cyril.

This woman alleged that Linda’s husband resorted to dark rituals involving Linda’s womb, resulting in her inability to conceive a child. This resulted in her being detained by law enforcement agencies.

Although, in response to these serious allegations, Linda Cyril vehemently denied any involvement in reporting the matter to the police. According to her, it was an anonymous person that brought about the attention of the police.

However, the court of public opinion seems to be leaning in favor of accountability. It is high time these clout chasers are held accountable for their actions.

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Newest daddy in town, first in the BBNaija house

Last week, for the first time in the history of BBNaija, we have someone who became a father on the show. Frodd, a BBNaija housemate received news of his wife’s recent delivery of a baby girl, an event that stirred profound emotions not only within him but also among his fellow housemates and the vast expanse of social media.

However, the reception of this news by the online community was marked by skepticism. The juxtaposition of Frodd’s marital status and his involvement in BBNaija has ignited discussions about the show’s suitability for married men like him. At this point, maybe only singles should be a part of the show.

Just days after the wake of his wife’s childbirth, there arose an unexpected scenario wherein Frodd was seen dancing seductively with Mercy, who was dressed in a bikini. For many Nigerians, that didn’t sit well with them. It is almost like they want him out before he does something that would jeopardize his marriage.

But I am sure his wife consented before he left for the show, so maybe she told him to enjoy his life to the fullest because he is surely having the best times of his life in the house.

Is DJ Shawn Vee’s new boyfriend?

Nigerian Twitter’s unofficial FBI never fails to surprise me with their uncanny ability to unearth even the most enigmatic details about your life, secrets you never even knew existed. So, Vee, an ex-BBNaija housemate who was once dating Neo, another BBNaija housemate, might have just revealed her new man.

Who would have seen this coming? On Twitter, she made a post and in the picture, she was nestled on a mysterious man’s shoulders with the caption, “Life of a hopeful romantic”. This was all fans needed as the online sleuths sprung into action, armed with nothing but a distinctive tattoo adorning the mystery man’s hand.

They began to put the pieces together revealing the enigmatic figure as none other than DJ Shawn. Delving deeper into the rabbit hole, the cyber detectives unearthed mutual admiration exchanged between the two online, adding another layer of intrigue to this blossoming connection.

But of course, there are some “bad belles” who are questioning her choices in matters of the heart. It is like from Neo, the hot guy to this. Others are quick to confirm that this has been going on since her days in the Big Brother house. Can we not just be happy for her?

Wizkid’s new album is coming soon

Last week, Wizkid dropped a hint of an upcoming album. In a viral video, that had jaws dropping all over social media, Wizkid was caught on camera flaunting his swagger, striding into a private jet, and casually revealing that he’s charting a course to put the finishing touches on his forthcoming album.

It’s as if Wizkid has made a pact with fans to be gracing them annually with his songs. While this has left some fans in a trance of perpetual excitement, others are a bit skeptical of what exactly he is cooking in the studio.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love this for the Wizkid FC, but hey, let’s be real for a moment. “Who’s asking for another album?” Lots of netizens have pointed out that there is no need for another album especially if the last one was a “flop.”

Before you abandon ship, some Wizkid fans have sworn their unwavering support no matter what. They are even beginning to drag other favs into the conversation. At this point, these guys do not care if Wizkid drops just a beat.

That’s all for now. See you later.

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