6 must-have travel apps for the vacation season

Onyinye Okonkwo
six must-have app this vacation season

Planning for a successful vacation season can be a hassle and the stress can sap all the joy before you even begin.

To help you adequately plan for your fun vacation this summer season, we have carefully curated five apps you must have on your phone to prepare and ensure you get the best travel experience this vacation season.

From helping you pack to helping you get cheap flight deals, accommodation and fun places to visit, these apps put the solution right in your palms, effectively eliminating the challenges that come with planning that trip.  

Here are the apps we think you should have this summer vacation season and why:


PackPoint - vacation season

If you are terrible at packing, always forgetting something when travelling and have to spend money replacing the forgotten item since it’s a necessity, then the PackPoint app is a must-have for you. 

PackPoint is a travel packing list app which helps users put together a comprehensive checklist of all that is needed for the trip. The app helps to create the list based on the details provided by the user on the app. 

PackPoint then utilises this information with the predicted weather forecast of the particular destination chosen by the user to create a customised travel pack list. You can add new items to the list, take out the ones you do not need and check off the items on your list as you pack.


Trip advisor image

The Tripadvisor app helps users plan trips with all the tools and information needed for an unforgettable experience. You can make hotel reservations, find the best restaurants and make a reservation, find the fun things to do in whatever location you may be visiting and so much more.

The app also has forums where various topics regarding different regions and countries are discussed.

Google Translate

Vacation season apps

if you are travelling to a city/country where the language is different, you will need a translation app to communicate better with locals.

Google Translate is a language learning and translation app that can help you learn a few words or phrases in the language of your choice and also works as a language translator.

Disaster Alert app

Disaster Alert

No matter how well-planned things are, they can always go awry. Hence, it’s best always to be prepared for the worst cases scenario.

Having an app that informs you of any disaster in the area close to you will be a great way of handling unexpected situations and getting to safety as soon as possible.

The Disaster Alert is a free mobile app that gives its users access to critical hazard alerts and information needed to stay safe anywhere in the world.

The app offers near real-time updates about 18 different types of natural hazards as they unfold around the globe.

AccuWeather App

AccuWeather app gives users access to accurate information about all-weather activities in whatever location of their choice.

Whether you’re on the East Coast, Pacific Northwest, Southern Coast, or West Coast this free weather app has been internationally recognised by the World Meteorological Organisation, making AccuWeather one of the best weather apps.

Stay prepared with the local weather and live forecasts available on this app. From extreme humidity, severe storms, allergy info, air quality index, snow storms, and ice alerts, get updates that matter to you to help you plan and enjoy your vacation to the max.

XE Currency app

Xe currency app

Travelling to another country most likely means having to make purchases in a currency different from yours, so getting your currency exchange sorted is non-negotiable.

A good currency app offers you the current exchange rates in whatever currency you choose and oftentimes a budgeting and spending calculator to help you keep track of your expenses while on the trip. 

XE Currency app is an online foreign exchange tool and services provider. Users have access to calculate up-to-date prices of any currency, current exchange rates, etc.

This app is available to iPhone and Android users, who can download and customise the XE Currency App to suit whatever currency they need to calculate or exchange.

There you are. Now go, enjoy the vacation season, and thank us later.

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