We reviewed Don Jazzy’s new food app, Jazzy’s Burger and here is what we think

We reviewed Don Jazzy's new food app, Jazzy's Burger and this is what we think
We reviewed Don Jazzy’s new food app, Jazzy’s Burger and this is what we think

Don Jazzy, the founder and CEO of Mavins Record, is an accomplished businessman and his track record over the years is enough proof. The Don has disclosed his new venture, a food project, Jazzy’s Burger.

Food apps have become popular among Nigerians, and many food businesses are beginning to use this technology to promote their services. But who could have seen this coming from Don Baba Jay himself?

Trust me, while this was an unexpected idea from the seasoned music producer, there appear to be other projects cooking as well, especially since Jazzy’s Burger is under a parent company, JJB Food Concept LTD.

However, given that there are already some established competitors in the industry, such as Burger King, KFC, Jumia, Domino’s, Glovo etc., the question here is what is Don Jazzy’s plan to make Jazzy’s Burger different from the competitors.

We reviewed Don Jazzy's new food app, Jazzy's Burger and here is what we think
We reviewed Don Jazzy’s new food app, Jazzy’s Burger, and this is what we think

Well, Technext explored the Jazzy’s Burger app, reviewed its design, unique offerings and pricing comparison with other competitors and here is what we think.

Although the app has been announced, it has not yet been formally launched, and will do so in 5 days, therefore we are unable to review its services at this time.

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First impression of the Jazzy’s Burger app

The mobile app, designed by AWA Digital LTD, was a little larger than 23 MB on the Google play store and 47 MB on the Apple App store. We thought this was somewhat larger than some of its competitors’ apps, but we hope that it would be worth it.

First impression of the Jazzy's Burger app
First impression of the Jazzy’s Burger app

Signing up is easy and straightforward. You get an OTP to verify your details after you provide your name, email address, and phone number. You have to provide a password as well, so it is obvious that security is important too.

After the signup and log-in, we reached a landing page, and all we can say is not bad. Although the page seemed a bit plain, this could be because of the white background, and it looks familiar, it is the landing page you’d expect from a food app. But this is fair as it gives more emphasis on the services available with no distraction whatsoever.

What caught our attention the most while exploring the app were the images. Omo! The burger image samples look really sumptuous, and that is good marketing.

Trying to place an order

The app is not offering so many new ideas in the market. Going through it, it felt like a regular food app. This should be the part of the review where we explain what makes the services different from other competitors and honestly not a lot of things are done differently on Jazzy’s Burger.

Trying to place an order on Jazzy's Burger
Trying to place an order on Jazzy’s Burger

Of course, we haven’t used the services yet but looking at the menu and the offerings. It currently offers just burgers, drinks, and others (chicken nuggets, French fries and milkshakes). We can barely wait to place orders and satisfy our cravings.

However, when we tried to place an order for a burger, we realized that there is an option to customise our burger meal which is absolutely interesting and new in the market, especially for a burger delivery service. Some Pizza outlets allow you to do this, though.

But, have you ever thought of buying a burger and selecting your fillings by yourself? With Jazzy’s Burger, you can pick some of the ingredients you like and remove the options you don’t like. I think this should be a noteworthy selling point for the brand.

We were very interested in experimenting with our orders for the other food options like the milkshake and French fries, but we could not do that. But then again, the app is still in its development stage, right?


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Price list on Jazzy’s Burger

12,000 naira for a Double Crunchy Chicken Burger!!! This is excluding the delivery fees oh.

The price list on Jazzy’s Burger is relatively expensive compared to some competitors. The cheapest item on the app is the drink category which is 500 naira, and with the minimum order price at 1500 naira, you cannot even buy just one drink in peace.

Some of the pricing at Jazzy's Burger
Some of the pricing at Jazzy’s Burger

The most expensive items on the app are burgers. This is understandable as that is the primary focus of the app, Jazzy’s Burger. The pictures on the app actually look very good and could get you salivating, but c’mon. When we get to taste the burgers, they have to be really, really, worth it.

The least expensive burger is the breakfast burger at 5000 Naira only, excluding the delivery fee.

For the chicken nuggets, 5-10 pieces cost around 4,500 Naira to 8, 500 Naira while one of the more established burger outlets in Nigeria sells 4- 12 pieces of chicken nuggets for between 2,000 Naira and 4,500 Naira.

The quality of the meal would be the main determinant, and we cannot determine that because the services are yet to be available.

But in terms of competition in the marketplace, the founder, Don Jazzy, is a superstar and this might play a pivotal role in promoting his business in the marketplace.

So, now that you have placed your order. It is time to check out.

Checking out my order/ Delivery information

First, you need to fill in your delivery address. It was at this point I realised that Jazzy’s Burger services are only available in Lagos, although there may be plans to expand to other cities in the future.

Checking out my order/ Delivery information on Jazzy's Burger
Checking out my order/ Delivery information on Jazzy’s Burger

The app has five payment options, pay with card, bank, transfer, USSD and Visa OR. So, you can select the option that best suits you.

But when checking out, if you see your total fees are higher than what you expect, there is no need to panic, The delivery fee, which automatically cost 3,000 Naira, has been added to the total price.

This might be too much but look on the bright side, the app on Google PlayStore claims that once an order is made and paid for, processes, requests and delivery are guaranteed within the hour of order placement. If this is the case, then it may well be worth it.

In conclusion,

The app is easy to navigate enough and the interface is not bad at all.

Although there are just a few items on the app and the price list might seem a little too high, at the end of the day, it will be fascinating to explore a food app owned by Don Jazzy.

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