A conversation with Adeyinka Adetunji, a teenager who wants to build the world

Omoleye Omoruyi
Adeyinka Adetunji
"I was always intrigued about what you can do with tech. I want to build the world" - Adeyinka Adetunji

Teens in tech are important for several reasons. Firstly, it provides young people with the opportunity to learn valuable skills in technology and programming that can lead to exciting and well-paying careers in the tech industry.

Also, it can help bridge the digital divide by providing access to technology and resources to young people who otherwise may not have access to them. Indeed, teens in tech can empower young people to become creators of technology and not just consumers, which can lead to innovation and new ideas.

This is why we spoke to Adeyinka Adetunji, a full-stack developer who wants to keep building until he has built all the world needs for easy living.


Adeyinka started as a backend developer and graduated to full-stack development. He combined his “knowledge of backend development, PHP and frontend” and became a full stack developer.

Adeyinka Adetunji
Adeyinka Adetunji, Full Stack Developer

Why is this amazing? Full-stack development allows a developer to comprehensively understand all aspects of web development, including the frontend (client-side) and backend (server-side) components. This can lead to more efficient development and troubleshooting and the ability to build complete web applications from start to finish. Also, full-stack developers are in high demand in the job market, as they have a wide range of skills that can be applied to many types of web development projects.

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Adeyinka Adetunji is trying to solve a lingering e-commerce complaint issue

What we are trying to solve is the issue of customers hardly getting what they want, even from big e-commerce platforms.

Adeyinka Adetunji

The problem: First, we understand the e-commerce complaint problem as the issue of customers having complaints or issues with products or services purchased through online marketplaces or e-commerce websites.

This can include issues with product quality, delivery, customer service, or returns. Companies that operate in the e-commerce space only subtly have systems to address and resolve customer complaints in a timely and efficient manner to maintain customer satisfaction and trust.

Adeyinka is building an e-commerce complaint platform to identify complaints and scam cases, so other people would not be victims. He says, “we would be collaborating with e-commerce platforms to identify scammers and to ensure quality of items sold through their platforms.”

How to hit the jackpot in tech

There is no guaranteed way to hit the jackpot in tech, as success in the industry often depends on a combination of factors such as timing, market demand, and the unique strengths and capabilities of a particular company or product.

However, some strategies used by successful tech companies and individuals in the past include identifying and addressing a specific pain point or need in the market, developing a strong and dedicated team, and being willing to pivot and adapt to changes in the industry.

Also, having a clear and well-executed business plan and building a strong network of advisors, partners, and investors can help increase the chances of success.

Adeyinka says “getting into a community” is important because “you do not know who you may meet. You need to build strong relationships.” Besides that, “the reason you need to keep posting your progress and keeping tabs is to know where you are. You need to keep working smart.”

To get a 7-figure paying job, he says he had to learn new languages, but his social presence and network had done most of the job.

The endpoint for Adeyinka

“I want to impact lives,” he says. The teenager wants to be an investor and a philanthropist and aims to keep learning to get to that point.

Adeyinka Adetunji
Adeyinka Adetunji
When Adeyinka Adetunji is not building in tech

He says he wants to build a film industry as big as Marvel, “that’s what I am also working on, having my own photo brand.”

Encouraging teens to pursue technology can help to build a diverse and inclusive tech industry that better represents and serves society as a whole.

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